Certified Auto Specialists

Tim Hayali owner of Certified Auto Specialists

Twenty-five years of hearing the same complaints over and over can drive a person crazy. One day, mechanic Tim Hayali had had enough of hearing customers at the automotive dealership he worked at rant about the fees tacked onto their service bills.


The longtime mechanic decided to make a change.


Hayali opened Certified Auto Specialists, 13841 N. Lincoln Blvd., three years ago and has never looked back.


“As a mechanic, I would be in the parts department and the customers would be purchasing their items and complaining about the prices, the fees and the upselling,” he said. “When I opened my own business, I knew I didn’t want to hear that anymore. At Certified Auto Specialists, we’re as transparent as we can be. We take what the dealership does and cut all the fat off of it and make it a lean transaction to repair your car. If your car doesn’t need something, we won’t do it.”


Certified Auto Specialists and the small team of capable technicians can tackle repairs of all sizes, specializing in air conditioning and heat repairs, brake repairs, general auto repairs and oil changes.


Hayali and his team pride themselves on giving thorough, easy-to-understand explanations when it comes to why a vehicle needs repaired and what the service entails. It’s an open and honest approach to business that’s led to many word-of-mouth referrals, which is one of the main ways customers find out about the business, he said. After being embedded in the Edmond community for 30 years, he knows it’s important to leave every customer with a positive impression because their recommendations fuel his business.


Hayali says most customers view his business as an affordable alternative to the dealership, which can charge upwards of $150 an hour for service.

“What I hear the most from our customers is, ‘Finally I found a mechanic I can trust,’” Hayali said. “They don’t have to worry about me running them through the ringer.”


To learn more about Certified Auto Specialists, visit certifiedautookc.com or call (405) 302-8695.

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