Ask Edmond: What’s your favorite Halloween memory?

Ask Edmond - October 2020

Scout Stanley 

Student- UCO
The Fixx

My favorite memory from Halloween was getting to spend time with my sister, whom I look up to the most, and have a night being whoever we wanted to be and, most importantly, just being able to be goofy together!


Enrique Ruiz III

Marketing Administrator 
Standards IT

My most favorite childhood Halloween candy has got to be homemade popcorn balls. I remember making them with my mom for our classroom parties in elementary. All that gooey mess and the color dye all over our hands was definitely my all-time favorite.


David Forrest

Independent Business Owner
Highland 55


I was born a triplet – me on the left.  My favorite Halloween memory is coming home from trick or treating with a pillowcase full of candy, hiding the candy, (sock drawer), then trading candy with my brother and sister.


Peyton Palacios

BSN Student – OU
Shift Lead at Zoe’s Kitchen

I was probably 4 when my sister and I made “chocolate soup” by mixing all of our halloween chocolate and water together. Obviously, our mom had no idea and was heartbroken that we’d even used the king size Snickers a neighbor had given her!


Jillian Whitaker

Community Resource Manager
FirstLight Home Care

I used to love eating M&M’s, no matter if they were plain, peanut, or almond! I loved them so much that I asked my friend, who loved M&M’s just as much as me, to be the beloved candy with me, for Halloween. It was such an easy costume to create!


Jay Ortiz 

Assistant Manager
Yankee Candle

When I was 4, after seeing Toy Story, I wanted to be a soldier like the ones in the movie. It was the first year my parents let me go to the door by myself for trick or treat. It was scary, but the candy was worth it!







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