Ask Edmond - December 2020

Written in the December 2020 Issue

Ask Edmond


Lauren Criswell

Name of pet: Luna
Breed: Blue Heeler mix
Title: Graphic Designer & Marketing Coordinator
Employer: Puppy Paws Hotel & Spa

"I adopted Luna as a shy little rescue puppy. Months later now, her confidence has soared! You can catch her playing with her friends at the dog park, taking in the breeze out the car window, and giving lots of kisses."


Kei Pashaj

Name of pet: Koko
Breed: Chihuahua/Yorkie
Title: Server
Employer: The Fixx

“Koko was introduced to our family as a puppy and immediately became a permanent member for the past 6 years. She’s the most loyal dog ever and has always loved a good outfit to keep cosy and classy for every occasion.”


Stella Ward

Name of pets: Sofie & Prissy
Breed: English bulldog & Bichon

“Prissy, pictured on the left, unfortunately passed away last year. However, my husband and I are blessed to still have Sofie, pictured on the right, in our lives. She continues to make our days brighter and filled with love. We hope to celebrate many more holidays with her in the future.”


Kayla Dickey

Name of pet(s): George and Dax
Breed or description: Mixed and Long-haired dachshund
Title: HR Professional
Employer: OU Medicine

George and Dax are the patriarchs of our dog family. George is a very serious pup and the “goodest boi”, but is willing to be subjected to mom’s antics only twice a year. Halloween and Christmas. Dax will do anything for a treat (and a cuddle)."


Ha-Suk Clemens

Name of pet: Cookie
Breed: 5 year old Havanese 
Retired - Professional Gramma

"Cookie is always ready for family time and holidays because that means extra snuggles! She's such a sweet girl and loves quality time with her humans!"


Alison Miller

Name of pet: Mac
Breed: Havanese mix
Title: Executive Administrator
Employer: Back40 Design

"Mac finds lots of comfort from his "babies". There will be some new ones under the tree this year - maybe even sweater. Mac definitely prefers toys to clothes, but he's just too cute to not dress up!"

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