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Tatsukan Dojo

At Tatsukan Dojo, Sensei Abdalla Khalid takes the discipline of karate all the way back to its original roots. He teaches the Gojo Ryu form of karate, practiced in Okinawa for more than 600 years. 

Clearing Up Misconceptions

“Lots of things can be called karate,” says Abdalla. “This is authentic karate from the birthplace of karate.” Most people think of karate as a Japanese art, but Okinawa was an independent kingdom for centuries before becoming part Japan. 

The stereotypes of karate being practiced by humble peasants for self-defense are also inaccurate. It began as a battlefield discipline, practiced by Samurai warriors. Unlike some more recent forms of karate, Gojo Ruy is a complete art, incorporating conditioning, striking techniques, grappling, and more. 

Abdalla has studied karate for more than 20 years. He’s also a certified exercise physiologist and offers personal training in addition to Gojo Ryu classes. He travels to Okinawa regularly to continue his training.

Not Your Average Dojo

Abdalla stresses that Tatsukan Dojo isn’t the place for people who just want to dabble in mixed martial arts or learn showy moves for exhibitions. Many Gojo Ryu students spend more than two years on physical conditioning before even beginning their formal training.

Abdalla teaches Gojo Ryu classes for kids and adults. The dojo also offers training in other related forms, including akido (taught by Roger Armstrong) and Katori Shinto Ryu (taught by Paul Frank). All instructors are certified in their disciplines and have achieved high levels of training.

“What we do is nothing like the movies,” says Abdalla. But for those who want to experience karate in its original form, Tatsukan Dojo offers a rewarding path.

Tatsukan Dojo is located at 109 W. 15th Street in Edmond and online at

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