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Written by Paul Fairchild in the November 2013 Issue

Amy Wewers, owner of Ray the PainterIn 1991, Ray Wolf established his new painting business, Ray the Painter. The concept was simple: one guy, lots of brushes. His commitment to detail and craftsmanship earned him a reputation that enabled him to grow his business into a 15-person operation. Since Wolf passed away in 2009, president Amy Wewers and her staff carried his legacy forward, eventually purchasing the business from Ray’s wife in December 2012. Today Ray the Painter boasts commercial and residential clients from Williams-Sonoma and Southern Nazarene University to homes in just about every neighborhood of the metro area.

“Ray was always good about quality craftsmanship and good customer service. Our mission statement lays out our continuing commitment to those ideals. We stay until the job’s done right…satisfaction guaranteed—that’s what we shoot for,” said Wewers.

Though Ray the Painter handles both interiors and exteriors, the services don’t stop there. They also offer cabinet refinishing, fence and deck staining, sheetrock repair and wallpaper removal—all of which are time-intensive hassles for even the best DIY enthusiasts.

In addition to the work done, they offer a two-year guarantee—rare in this industry. The company doesn’t just care about their projects after they’re finished, but is committed from start to finish. Their painters are neat and dependable, arriving at job sites at 8am and leaving at 4:30pm. They thoroughly clean the area and put away tools before leaving. Your house or business won’t look like a construction site while waiting for the job to be completed.

Their large selection of green products, including low volatile-organic-compound (VOC) paints is unique. Ray the Painter is also EPA-certified in lead paint removal.

Wewers doesn’t like surprises, so she’s especially vigilant about not surprising clients with the bill. The staff carefully reviews each job site to provide clients with an estimate that includes a detailed scope of the project.

“We’re not the cheapest painters in Oklahoma City. We’re not the most expensive either. Part of what people pay us for is the experience. From the bidding process on down the line, the customer comes first. We provide a good experience. That’s a big deal when you’re working with a painter,” said Wewers.

Not shy when asked why homeowners and businesses should choose Ray the Painter, Wewers simply said, “We’re the best.”

For more information, visit or call (405) 605-3563.


Joe Wewers Says:
November 21st, 2013 at 2:08 pm
Very proud of my daughter. Keep it going. Honesty and hard work always win out.

Janie McNally Says:
October 21st, 2016 at 4:43 pm
I could not be prouder of my daughter. Amy was raised in a family with the highest work ethics and she has carried that into her own business.
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