A Thriving City

Mayor Charles Lamb is thinking big for 2016.

As the city’s elected executive, he’s focused on making the city a place where his children and grandchildren can thrive.

Mayor Charles LambHis first priority in the new year is an election with huge consequences for the city’s future. Two sales taxes—a one-cent sales tax and a one-half cent sales tax—both expire in 2016 and require voter approval to be continued. The election will be on April 5th. “My number one project for 2016 is to have a successful extension of both taxes. The election is crucial to continue Edmond’s momentum,” Lamb says. “These would extend current tax rates so we can continue to meet needs and wants of our citizens.” If approved, both taxes would continue for another ten years and would be used to fund a variety of city projects.

Mayor Lamb says that voters can already see the direct results of the taxes they’ll be voting to extend. “Since the approval of the capital projects tax in 2001, downtown has received millions of dollars in infrastructure and utilities investment. We planted the seeds to create a friendly climate with sidewalks, public art and safe sidewalks. Without the tax in 2001, none of that would have been possible.”

Transportation projects are also at the top of the mayor’s 2016 agenda