FEBRUARY BUSINESS: Clue Quest Escape Rooms

Dave & Michelle Collier, Owners of Clue Quest Escape Rooms

All it took was one visit to an escape room and Dan and Michelle Collier couldn’t see themselves doing anything other than running one of their own. The couple had been looking for a business venture they could take on together, and the thrill, strategy and creativity they saw in escape rooms clinched it for them. In June 2015, the two opened Clue Quest, Edmond’s only escape room.

“Once we went through that room, we knew this was something that was very doable,” Michelle Collier said. “And with our personalities, we knew we could do this and do it well. I love to play games and word puzzles, so this kind of business is just right up my alley.”

Exploding in popularity in the US the last few years, escape rooms combine video game-style adventure with hands-on puzzle-solving.

At Clue Quest, a group of two to six people must solve a series of clues and escape their locked room within one hour. Group members choose one of three 13×19-foot rooms: the eerie Victorian abode of a forlorn lover, the office of a famous archaeologist searching for a cursed Pharaoh’s treasure and a Game Master’s lair filled with mind-bending games, colors and numbers.

The Colliers designed each room with a different theme, different puzzles, and different logical flow so participants have a truly unique experience in all three rooms. In one hour, the group works its way from one clue to the next while their progress is monitored via video by the Colliers. If they solve every clue and escape unassisted, each member earns a Clue Quest T-shirt.

Michelle & Dan Collier, Owners of Clue Quest Escape Rooms

Clue Quest appeals to all types of adventure seekers: local employees for corporate team-building and office parties, children for birthday parties and couples looking for an outside-the-box date night.

Dan and Michelle agree one of the best parts of running Clue Quest is impressing customers with not only the elaborate, immersive escape rooms, but with how they’re treated by management.

“We love to know: Did you have fun? Have you done this before? How did you hear about us?” Michelle said. “Customer service is number one. We talk to people as soon as they walk in the door and they become our friends, really.”

Clue Quest is located at 151 E. 33rd, Suite 101, and is open 11am-10pm daily. Book an appointment by visiting cluequestok.com. To contact, call 625-3706 or email cluequestok@gmail.com.

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