1: What’s your most memorable Valentine’s Day & Why?
After my husband died, my son framed one of his love letters from 1952 for me. I cherish it.
@okstatetiff: I gave myself a massage and chocolate covered strawberries. If you’ve gotta be alone, do it in style!
@JK8675309: 24 roses & a Diamond White Gold Heart Necklace 🙂

2: How were you proposed to, or how did you propose?
My husband proposed to with his then 7 year old son in tow…they both got on their knees and asked me to marry “them.”
@Macey_Jane: My husband proposed to me on Vday and in the ring box was my mom’s wedding ring she wore for 38 happy yrs. I love
that ring.
@dianetowin: I was proposed to on a bench in a park  by the Allegheny River surrounded by
hungry ducks.
@hminnesota: The year of 1999 DH proposed to me over phone when I was in Sacramento and he was
in Boston.
@corjong: My husband proposed to me at the Horse Shoe at University of South Carolina in 1952.

3: How do you express your love to family & friends that’s special or different?
Vday shouldnt be all about the woman, my husband and I take turns each yr planning Vday. I actually like planning it.
@ThatTweetThing: I express love to my friends & family in a different way by being very vocal about it. I like to really say ‘You are appreciated!’
@kitkat234: I always mail my kids Valentines Cards; then they love to get the mail and see them!!!

4: What’s the most unique Valentine’s Day gift you’ve given or received?
@MissingLynxx: Paris and a tiny cafe on the Left Bank – definitely most memorable
@bsw529: My most memorable Valentines Day present was my daughter! I woke up in labor at 3:30 in the morning and she was born at 6:30.
@arress83: When my DH gave me a simple card with a heart on it. May not seem like much, but he didn’t really have money for that card. The fact he took the time out to purchase the card and give it to me, meant the world to me. 

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