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Oklahoma Termite Specialist

The average termite measures about one-eighth of an inch long. Sounds small, but their colonies number in the tens of thousands. They’re a homeowner’s worst nightmare. They cause $2 billion worth of damage per year nationally. Unchecked, they destroy homes.

Tim and Brooke Britt, of Oklahoma Termite Specialist, have a solution to the destruction termites wreak. Their solution is so solid they’re recognized as the number one independent pest control company in Oklahoma.

“I think the problem with the average, ordinary person is not knowing anything about termites, so we as a termite company have to educate people about the signs of termite infestation,” says Brooke.

OTS performs thorough inspections. “With termites our team comes in and inspects the home inside and out. They go into closets. They look in cabinets. You’ll see them touch the walls. They look in vents,” says Brooke. “We can also run cameras if we’re not real sure where the termites are located. They probe into the wall and search the voids in the walls. But normally a trained eye can find a problem.”

A large part of the strategy for dealing with termites is turning the insects against each other. The Britts use a chemical, Termidor, that transfers poison from termite to termite. “They can take it back to their nest,” says Britt. “They can transfer it several different ways. And that’s what makes it such a great product. We will trench and treat the ground that the termites are going to come into contact with. The chemical usually rids the property of termites within 90 days.”

OTS prides themselves on unrivaled customer service. The company offers a one-year warranty on homes that qualify. “When we inspect a home and we don’t find any problems, we warranty that home for a year. So if anything comes up during that year, call us. We’ll come out and treat the area for free,” says Brooke. “And that’s an annual inspection, which I highly recommend. It’s like an insurance policy.”

Brooke and Tim are quick to remind people that OTS doesn’t stop with termites. Pest control is a big part of their business. OTS deals with everything from spiders and skunks to gophers and moles. “About four years ago we decided that we needed more of a one-stop shop,” says Brooke. “People were requesting pest control so we decided that we needed to add the services so we weren’t referring everything out. It didn’t make sense to refer it out when we can do it right here. And we’ve got a great crew – a great team – to handle it.”

Termites don’t mess around. Neither does OTS. “We don’t drive termites around. We kill them,” says Tim.

For more information about Oklahoma Termite Specialist, call 405-330-5030 or visit




With a lifetime of experience, Arthur Gordon isn’t just one of the best jewelers in Edmond – his loyal customers describe him as one of the best jewelers in the entire Oklahoma City metro area.  As the owner of JewelSmiths, his philosophy is very simple: “Do it right or don’t do it at all.”

His Edmond location specializes in unique, custom jewelry, and he takes great pride in the details of every piece. “I bring pleasure to people by helping them celebrate major milestones in their lives with the gift of jewelry,” says Gordon.

To Gordon and his staff, great jewelry means paying attention to the little things. “The proper thickness of a ring is important so the ring doesn’t wear thin and require a replacement on the bottom. The prongs need to be correct. The stones should be set cleanly, neatly and securely. Looking underneath all of this should be like looking under the hood of a Rolls Royce. It should be as nice on top as it is on the bottom. That’s just pride and workmanship,” says Gordon.
JewelSmiths provides a pleasant alternative to large chain jewelry stores by providing custom quality products that will stand the test of time. Mall stores carry the same generic styles of rings, which then end up on the hands of 10,000 shoppers. JewelSmiths provides customers with something special, focusing on designs that are one-of-a-kind – pieces that customers can truly fall in love with for a lifetime.

“Our best feature is that we’re customer oriented and we deal in quality items,” says Gordon. “We actually handmake and create custom pieces – with very high standards and at reasonable prices – for
our customers.”

All of Gordon’s work is done on the shop’s premises, which has all the necessary tools of the trade. The staff members have expert training, and have been with the store for many years. The jewelry stays under Gordon’s careful supervision. It’s not shipped to an offsite shop where quality can’t be carefully monitored. Customers also deal directly with Gordon as they browse the shop’s offerings.

Every store touts customer service as its number one priority. But Gordon has a special incentive to deliver the goods. “We tend to meet people on happy occasions,” he says. “They might be celebrating anniversaries, getting married, having birthdays or having babies. It’s a lot of fun and we’re very tuned in to what people want.”

While JewelSmiths specializes in custom jewelry, it also carries a number of high-end jewelry brands that can’t be found in mall stores. They include Simon G, Gregg Ruth Designs, Bellarri, Jenny Perl, Gadi, Galatea Pearls, Coge Designs, Royal Asscher Diamonds, King Baby, and Trew Tungsten by Trent West.

JewelSmiths deals with sophisticated customers, but Gordon also wants jewelry newbies to be comfortable in the store. “We like customers that are just getting their feet wet to look around. We show them what makes our products better,” he says. Gordon and his staff do more than sell. They educate.

“Our customers are our billboards,” says Gordon. “We’re happy when they’re happy.”

To learn more about JewelSmiths, visit or call 405-348-4367.

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