STYLE: Fur-licious

Fur-liciousMy first fur was a medium-length authentic coyote given to
me as a Christmas present from my dad, and if I remember correctly, my mom
unwrapped five oversized gold-gilded boxes, each containing a fur coat, in
various lengths and pelts for Christmas that year too. Life was good and fur
had, and still has, a wonderful way of making life even more magnificent. Fur,
whether real or faux (and I’ll never tell), is unequivocally an extravagant
wardrobe delicacy that has made a huge comeback—regardless of opposition
and  strong protests—due in part to the
popularization of faux furs.

No matter which side of the argument you land, fur is
undeniably a fabulous way of introducing an element of exotic drama into your
cooler weather wardrobe. It is that pop
of the unexpected that takes an outfit from ho
to oh yum! Soft, warm and
luxurious, this season’s fur is found in everything from boleros to handbags,
hats, shoes and boots. And for those of you who like to walk on the
unconventional side of wild, there
are furs in every imaginable color and silhouette.

Cast caution and conservative style choices to the wind.
Being edgy and experimental with fur—especially affordable faux fur or
reasonably priced authentic pelts—is en vogue. As a result, fur is fun this
season! So flaunt your fur by wearing it short, long, fitted, shaggy, real,
fake, colored or natural with an all-out bad-girl sense of confidence or flirty
playful pride! 

So, what to look for when shopping for fur? A rich man!


Two things: form and function. What I look for is fit. Now
that’s an oxymoron! You cannot look
for fit. Ladies, listen up. Fur must be tried on and there is no exception.
Nothing can pack on the pounds quicker than big bulky fur in all the wrong
places. Knowing your body will guide you to the perfect fit.

Keep in mind that coats are designed to sculpt not enlarge
the body. Fur adds bulk so look for cuts that emphasize your waist line, either
cinched or belted. Furs have always been found in various shapes and styles, so
remember to try it on. You’re sure to find one style that is the perfect fit!

Function is summed
up in how your fur will be worn or used. For instance, a fur coat worn skiing
or as a way to keep warm functions differently than a fur worn as a festive
one-night-wonder to a gala or special event.


Faux fur can be surprisingly expensive while real fur
unexpectedly affordable. So shop around.

Treat yourself to an extravagant shopping experience with
surprisingly affordable fur finds in Oklahoma City at Balliets, Geno’s and
Koslow’s. I have worked with all three retailers and can personally attest to
their expertise as well as their down-to-earth Oklahoma friendly atmosphere. My
new all-time-favorite faux fur place to shop is Saks Fifth Avenue Off 5 at The
Outlet Shoppes in Oklahoma City


Natural and classical subtle colors like tan, beige, white,
chocolate, black, and cherry red are in style—along with natural-looking
patterns such as faux coyote, raccoon and chinchilla, or wildly hairy and
punchy playful pelts in blue, orange, hot-pink or jade. It’s an either-or year.
If you are a fashionista, the more
the merrier. So load up on exciting statement pieces to wear throughout the
season and even into spring!


Less is best. A long fur coat, fur scarf, fur hat, fur boots
and a fur bag all worn on the same day is too much! Choose a single wow over-the-top statement piece and be


Fur handbags, boots, shoes, scarves and hats are exciting
ways to have fun with the more extreme aspects of the trend. Statement pieces
like these are the best way to play with this trend without a large investment.

Body Type Chart

  • Petite
    look best with thin or flat laying pelts, nothing too furry or
    bulky. Caplets with ¾” sleeve will elongate arms while v-neck styles create an
    illusion of height.
  • Tall body
    can wear fur with the least amount of restrictions given that many
    tall people are long and slender. Still, wear fur with a fitted waist or one
    that has an inset draw string to create a fitted look. Pair with a
    one-of-a-kind designer belt with a fabulous buckle.
  • Curvy
    look best in full length furs with wing collars, swing capes and
    wraps lined with fur. Also, leather back panels or sweater panels with fur

Kay Byrd, CPC, CSC<
is a certified style coach and the president of the Oklahoma Modeling Academy.
Coach Kay can be heard at 3:30 am every Thursday at KJ103FM.

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