Spring Break Adventures

Sarah Bailey, graphic designer and crocodile hunter, spent one spring break trekking through the backwoods of southern Louisiana with a few college friends. “We feasted on boudin and cracklings (scary sausage and fried pig fat), and took a high speed fan boat ride through the bayou.” Sarah recalls the highlight of the trip as her close encounter with death (see photo) and giving the fan boat operator a fake phone number. “Come to think of it he was scarier than the boudin and cracklings.”

Josh Hatfield, design intern, recalls what he considers the ultimate spring break experience – for a ten year old. A full week on the couch spent watching Who Framed Roger Rabbit and eating Cinnamon Toast Crunch right out of the box. “Me, the video, the couch and lots of crumbs. It was a magic time in my life. I’ve tried to recreate the experience—same couch, same video. They say you can’t go back; they’re right. Except for the Cinnamon Toast Crunch, that still works for me.”

Nebraska is not exactly well known as a college spring break hot spot, at least that’s what our account executive, Donna Walker, found out. “It’s really cold up there and not much to do – I can’t believe I have family there. I mostly remember ‘Go Huskers’ tee-shirts and snow.” Donna also recalls another wiser choice for spring break—Padre Island. “It was a lot warmer and I met a really cute guy who turned into my husband. I mean he’s still cute, it’s just where we first met.”

Chad Dahlgren, web project manager, tells of a whirlwind east coast road trip he took with two college roommates. We visited New York City, Boston, Burlington and even went to Quebec for a day. It was an awesome trip, except for the fact that my roommates took a combined $112 with them. "Luckily, I had just paid off my credit card and was able to have my limit raised. It was a great road trip. I saw half the country at 22 percent APR."

Spring breaks for Peyton Hutchison, print project manager, always meant extravagant shopping trips—Paris, New York City, Amsterdam…. “No, I grew up in Clinton. We drove to Oklahoma City and spent our vacation here. Apparently we didn’t have a Dillard’s in Clinton."

Jaimi Aycock, graphic designer, used to spend spring break at the Lake of the Ozarks every year at her family’s cabin. “I have tons of stories!” Jaimi explains. “One spring we opened up the cabin after my grandma forgot to turn off the kitchen sink the previous winter. We were hit with a waist-high wave of fermented tap water and soggy furnishings. And most every one of my memories of our time at the lake include me wearing a large orange life jacket because I cannot swim. It’s not that I haven’t tried, it’s just that I tend to sink for some reason.”

“I did the classic spring break in ’82,” Dave Miller reminisces. “I flew into Daytona Beach with a couple of college roommates. I’m sure I have a lot of great memories from that trip; I just can’t recall any.” Now available on DVD: Chubby Pale White Guys Gone Wild.

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