Salt Soothers

Building a Small Business in Edmond
Edmond has grown tremendously over the past few years. The city is becoming more populated, the economy is booming and more businesses are opening.

But the success of this so-called “small town” cannot be credited to large businesses or corporations; locals who are striving to live the American dream are making Edmond what it is.

Andrea Fredericks of Edmond is a living example of this. She has successfully launched a company that creates and sells a line of body products.

It is residents like her who make the Edmond community so close knit and such a great place to live.

Fredericks was born and raised on a farm in Prague, Okla. She was one of 11 kids. She and her siblings were taught at a young age to work hard to earn a living. So at the age of 13, Fredericks got her first job working for a fast-food restaurant. It was at this point she knew she would someday start a business of her own.

About 15 years later, after getting married and making several moves across the country, Fredericks found herself back in Oklahoma, in Edmond to be exact.

But Fredericks’ skin was reacting to Oklahoma’s weather. Her skin became really dry and irritated.

Fredericks said she tried everything, including lathering her hands in lotion four to five times a day. But after endless battles with her skin, Fredericks said she had to try something different, so she turned to an old trick.

“I heard Cleopatra used to bathe in olive oil so I tried that,” she said. “It helped, but it was greasy and left a residue. That’s when I started researching different oils and began mixing them. I finally came across a mixture of oils that weren’t greasy and I discovered Deep Sea salt (that softened my skin).”

Fredericks’ skin got better and her friends and family took notice. That’s when her dream of owning a business began to turn into reality.

After great consideration and borrowing money from her husband’s fund that was set aside to purchase a travel trailer, Fredericks packaged her products and took them to An Affair of the Heart.

Fredericks said her first few hours at the craft show were unsuccessful. So she headed towards the women’s restroom, where there was a long line of women waiting. It was there her product really got noticed. She allowed the “ladies in waiting” to sample her body scrub. Before she knew it her booth was bombarded with satisfied testers. She was sold out of her products before the day’s end.
The beginning of her company, Salt Soothers, became history at that point. She now sells her products all across the country.
Of course her best customers are right here in Edmond.

“(Edmond residents) have been very receptive and supportive of our efforts and business,” Frederick said.

But the most gratifying part of the job is “when I hear from, say a diabetic, and they (tell us) how our products have helped them where other products don’t,” she added.

Fredericks imports the oils used in her products from the Philippines and she orders the Dead Sea salt from Israel.

According to her brochures, medical research has proved that Dead Sea materials, such as that found in her Dead Sea Facial Mud, contain healing power and can help fight the effects of psoriasis, tension headaches, eczema and acne.

Fredericks also said the Coconut Oil, which can be found in her moisturizing oils, helps aid the skin in fighting against the effects of aging. It gives the skin a more even texture and a healthy glow.

You can find her products at the Urban Retreat Salon in downtown Edmond or you can order them online at
Fredericks said she feels financially blessed by her company and gratified to help others who suffer from skin problems. But her true measure of success will be when she is able to financially aid college students with their tuition so they too can have a chance at obtaining their “American dream.”

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