Lately, I have been lost in a “sea of reminiscing” while going through stacks of things belonging to my mother who is now in heaven. I think she saved everything I ever sent her. Magazine articles, pictures, Birthday and Mother’s Day cards, letters and even post cards I sent as a teenager from church camp. But it brought back sweet memories. 

And recently, my son, Aaron and I went through some boxes I had stuffed in a closet years ago. Things from my late husband’s office. Everything from ink pens and architect rulers to golf paraphernalia and pictures of grandchildren. I had packed those items then stashed them out of the way in order to deal with the heartbreak and absolute necessities of my loving husband’s passing. 

It was actually a good time with my son as we laughed at some of the things Carl had collected and smiled over pictures of young grandkids who are now teenagers. 

Then came a completely different remembrance. While visiting with a friend and her young grandchildren, the 7-year-old excitedly told me he was interested in skateboarding. I volunteered that my son, Aaron, used to skateboard and loved it, but to be careful because Aaron once had to have stitches. 

Wow! This grabbed his interest and he wanted details. Being a storyteller, I obliged, embellishing a bit as I told how I was the doctor’s assistant as he sewed up the gash in Aaron’s chin. (Okay, I held a special light!) Once I got queasy and turned my head and the doctor yelled, “Nurse, I need that light.” Of course, Aaron was fine and would have liked watching the procedure himself. It was an “almost forgotten” yet fun memory. 

Reminiscing is a good thing. I do it often, especially now that my son, Jay is also in heaven with his daddy and other family members. I miss them! All of them! And I love it when others reminisce with me. Never feel that sharing sweet memories will bring someone sadness. Yes, it might bring a few happy tears, but that’s okay. It also brings smiles. 

Count it a blessing! 

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