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When you’re sick, it’s tough to get out and see your health provider. With NP 2 Go, you don’t have to. Kara de la Pena brings expert medical care straight to your door.

Urgent Care on Wheels

Kara is an Advanced Nurse Practitioner. She can prescribe most medications, order lab work, and treat common health problems without you ever leaving your home.

She doesn’t address life-threatening emergencies that require ER care, but she can give any treatment an urgent care clinic would give. She’ll come to your bedside when you have the flu, give sports physicals, and treat wounds. She can even guide you in losing weight or making an advance directive.

When she’s not on a call, you might find Kara driving a specially equipped medical bus. She makes the rounds of outdoor events, offering IV hydration and other first aid services.

Headache Cures and More

“I get a lot of patients who need migraine treatments,” says Kara. She gives IV saline therapy and prescription medication for quick relief. Not all clinics offer saline therapy, so Kara’s service can spare patients an ER visit.

Kara also offers IV hydration for hangover cures, or combined with vitamin therapy to meet patients’ individual needs.

A Lifetime of Caregiving

Kara was drawn to health care after her grandmother suffered a stroke when she was sixteen. “I’ve always liked caring for people,” she says.

She’s a born entrepreneur who used to get in trouble for selling seashells and other trinkets from her school desk. Channeling her nursing experience into a business was a perfect fit. “I feel lucky to use my spiritual gifts to help others,” she says.

Not many health providers make house calls, but Kara sees herself as part of a new trend. “We’re getting everything else delivered,” she says. “It makes sense to have someone come to your home for health care.”Kara offers extended hours and travels to whatever metro area location is convenient for her patients. “It doesn’t feel like work when I’m doing what I love,” she says.

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