Nhinja Sushi & Wok


There’s no wrong time for sushi. Lunch with a good friend, dinner with family, an after-work indulgence—it’s always the perfect occasion to relish this bite-sized delicacy. It’s clean and simple (especially if you are adept with chopsticks), yet incredibly diverse in flavor. And when that sumptuous, artistic platter is set before you, it’s total food magic. You can’t grab the chopsticks fast enough.

Striking just the right balance between superior ingredients and an affordable menu, Nhinja Sushi & Wok’s fresh-casual style, where guests order at the counter, is a win-win. Diners get the fresh, delicious foods they crave, in the eat-and-run environment they demand, and the restaurant eliminates a wait staff, allowing them to invest in a superb menu.

Power couple, Mary and Kang Nhin, owners of Nhinja Sushi & Wok, are a testament to the success of a family- run business in the local economy. The first Nhinja Sushi restaurant opened in 2010 and eight years later, this revered local restaurant has expanded to five locations and become a go-to favorite.

Part of the restaurant’s appeal is a menu that entices you without overwhelming you. “As we gear up
for expansion,” Mary says, “we’re further simplifying the menu, going more green and creating a smaller footprint and even better experiences for our customers.” Sound environmental business practices are a cornerstone of the Nhinja name. “We provide high quality seafood at the cost and convenience of faster food,” Mary explains.

The commitment to top-grade ingredients is apparent in every bite. Selections like the Thunder Roll featuring tempura shrimp, the Nhinja Roll with salmon, cream cheese and jalapeno, and the Spider Roll with tempura soft shell crab are always a hit. Be prepared to linger over the to-die-for sauces like the Dynamite, a tangy cocktail sauce with a kick, or the full- flavored Spicy Mayo.

The Wok’d entrees and rice and noodle bowls are just as much a headliner as the sushi. Classics like General Tso’s, Sweet and Sour and Spicy Kung Pao are paired with your choice of protein and rice. Once again, the incredible sauces, like the signature house soy garlic, Japanese sweet honey sauce and sweet chili orange sauce, are good enough to eat alone with a spoon.

Exciting changes are coming soon for this local powerhouse. In an effort to expand their brand, protect their patents and recipes and franchise the business, they will be changing the name of the restaurant to Nhinjo, a combination of their last name and their youngest son, Jojo’s name. “We were getting requests from around the nation to set up shop in different cities,” Mary says. Trademarking the new name will allow them to do just that. The Nhins’ mission is to provide families in small towns and across the nation access to healthier food, especially high quality, affordable sushi. Pushing through adversity to trademark the name and grow the business is imperative to the Nhins. “We want to show and teach our boys to keep working hard even after success is found.”

Visit www.nhinja.com for the five metro locations or to order online.  


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