Ministries of Jesus

Doctors, nurses, and volunteers unconditionally giving their time and resources for a single purpose: helping those in need of healing emotionally, spiritually and physically. This mission drives the Ministries of Jesus.

After being diagnosed with cancer, Henderson Hills Baptist Church pastor Dennis Newkirk found out how important it can be for people to get medical care and counseling to help them work through a sea of new emotions. When Newkirk’s cancer went into remission, he threw himself wholeheartedly into a new project: providing others with medical resources when they are in need. The end result is Ministries of Jesus.

Ministries of Jesus Director, Dr. David Minyard, believes in one method for easing the strains life can throw at you. Says Minyard, “What I’ve discovered is that all of us, regardless of wealth or status in the community—we need balance in our lives.”

Dr. Minyard loves contributing to Ministries of Jesus. “It is so far removed from what I used to do. This opportunity was brought to me and now I can enjoy orchestrating lives being changed. There is a satisfying aspect to helping someone take one step to living a better life.”

The efforts of the volunteers at Ministries of Jesus yielded spectacular results in 2007. That year, $1.7 million worth of free health care was provided to those in need. More than 4,000 patients have received care since Ministries of Jesus opened in 2002.

David and Marjorie Underhile, Edmond residents since 1967, found themselves on hard times when David was laid off of his job of 25 years. Around the same time, Marjorie had knee replacement surgery, was diagnosed as a diabetic, and bega