Little Loper’s Beautiful Bows

Ron and Valeria Loper specialize in smiles. Their Edmond-based online business, Little Loper’s, offers adorable fabric bows and other clothing items that bring joy to families across the country. Customers also find joy, support, and friendship through Little Loper’s thriving 60,000-member Facebook group. 

An Unexpected Success Story

The Lopers never planned to run a clothing business. Their journey started when Valeria began making fabric bows for her daughters and gave a few extra to friends, who shared about them on Facebook. More moms asked to buy bows, and the business grew from there.

At first, Valeria hand-delivered the bows herself, often meeting customers in local stores or parking lots. Today sales and shipping are coordinated online, both Lopers work full time in the business, and they’ve expanded to include clothing for girls and moms. But they remain committed to providing a personal touch and crafting products that are both high-quality and affordable.

Moms Supporting Moms

Being a mom can be tough. Valeria knows that from personal experience—she struggled with postpartum depression after one of her daughters was born. “I remember not wanting to get out of bed,” she says. Now she delights in supporting other moms through the Little Loper’s private Facebook group. Far more than a place to market products, it’s a safe, supportive space where moms can connect and encourage each other. “It’s just amazing to see the friendships that have come out of this group,” says Valeria.

Members often trade, sell, or even give merchandise to other members. Valeria encourages this kind of sharing. “We have a saying about spreading the love and paying it forward,” she says. “People will often pass down their loved clothes or another item to other moms and their children, then they will regift, and this goes on and on. It’s so rewarding to see these women loving on each other.”

Inspiring Big Dreams

The Lopers’ four daughters—ages 11, 7, 5, and 2—are very much a part of the daily operations. They model the products and provide daily inspiration to their parents. “Their main contribution is the love and support I get from them. They are my biggest cheerleaders!” says Valeria. “We’ve never had a babysitter. They have spent every day with us since we started this and I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

Along with encouraging family closeness, the Lopers are also showing their children they can achieve their goals. Eleven-year-old Sophia recently told her mom, “It’s like there aren’t limits. You can accomplish whatever you want.”

Moms in the Little Loper’s Facebook community have also been inspired to reach higher. One local customer began taking pictures of her daughter, fell in love with photography, and was recently featured in an OKC magazine. Many other members have also started businesses or taken steps to follow their dreams.

The Lopers credit their success to the ongoing support from the people of Edmond and OKC. “I don’t know if we could have done this anywhere else,” says Ron. “Oklahoma is our home.”

Running a business isn’t easy. But for Ron and Valeria, the joy of giving back to others makes all their hard work worthwhile. “One of the most rewarding parts is the chance to empower and help people,” says Valeria. “That’s what keeps me going.”

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