Jeremy & That “Jeep Thang”

Jeremy Rowe’s country music career started out as a Jeep thing––make that a “Jeep Thang,” the title of the song he wrote in 2019 that put him on the national stage. Due to the song’s popularity among the Jeep crowd, he now travels to Jeep shows around the United States to perform his repertoire of country music.

“Jeep Thang” and subsequent Jeep-themed songs quickstarted his career, but Jeremy is working to break into mainstream radio, with one minor difference. “I’m getting pretty sick of whisky titles and songs about getting hammered, chasing women or doing other stupid stuff,” Jeremy said. “I love country music, but my music is more family friendly. After all, I have six kids, and my family often travels with me.”

He’s currently working on a song called, “Dad Bod,” which Jeremy wrote because, “Like millions of men, I wrestle with body image. Should I go to the gym or eat this pizza?” The song has been well received by the Jeep crowd, so “Dad Bod” is being recorded as a single, available in a few months. This song follows on the heels of Jeremy’s first full album, Tonight I’m Feelin’ Country, which was released in October 2022. The songs represent the last six years of Jeremy’s life, as he faced heartbreak, new-found love, and even the pandemic.

“I began writing songs in 2018 following a divorce, but most of the songs, at least the loveydovey ones, are inspired by my wife of two-and-a-half years, Tisha,” Jeremy said.

Finding the Words

Jeremy’s band, made up of Casey Tuter, Jon Castillo and Christian Pearson, formed in early 2022. As the songwriter, Jeremy s learning the craft of conveying a strong message in only two or three minutes, as songs on the radio continue to get shorter.

“I have one song, “It Ain’t Enough,” that is inspired by the military personnel in my life, especially those affected by Post Traumatic Stress Disorder,” Jeremy said. “I never served, but I have family members and friends who are veterans. Some of them returned home from Iraq and took their own lives. This song is my attempt to say that I wish we could do more as civilians to thank them for their sacrifices. Proceeds from the song support the veteran’s organization, Camp Southern Ground.”

Hittin’ the Road

Although Jeremy’s career is relatively new, he’s jumped into it full time. His wife gave her permission, saying, “Don’t wait. If you do, you’ll be ten years behind.” Jeremy is now traveling the country and working on new music, but moving people, sound equipment and instruments was becoming problematic.

“Tour buses are insanely expensive. Even a used one is a quarter million dollars. So, we bought a school bus at a junkyard, fixed it up to be mechanically sound, and that’s how we travel,” Jeremy said. It’s the bus seen on the cover of his album. It still looks like a school bus, and it’s still carting school children around. “Most of my band members

have children, too. The kids think it’s fun traveling with us, and telling all their friends that I’m famous––although I’m not,” Jeremy said. “At least not outside the Jeep circuit.” Based on his rising song sales; however, and the fact that he’s been the opening musical act for Shenandoah and Clint Black, “famous” is getting closer all the time.

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