In Other Words with Dave

My wife, Alison, kept something from me when we started dating 5 years ago. At that time our “dating representatives” were on their best behavior – doing their best to scare off a prospective future mate with some obsession or really strange behavior. I get it, we all have secrets. 

Fast forward a few years and on a beautiful beach in Maui, unbeknownst to me, I married a diehard Kansas City Chiefs fan. Oh, yeah. Alison kept this a secret for a while. But when that ring went on her finger and the most beautiful sunset faded over the horizon, she was probably thinking about one of those “second and goal” trick plays the Chiefs are famous for or maybe one of those precision Mahomes screen passes to Travis Kelse. 

She’s crafty, my Alison. Our first season together, I mean year together, started out with us casually watching a game. As I remember, she didn’t seem too excited about it – but she did know quite a bit of player history, stats, and exactly what a “touchback” is. I’m still a little confused about those. Since then, season after season, she consistently amped up her fandom – and her volume when she deems a Chief’s penalty unjust. 

So her our favorite team is in the playoffs. We’re on the couch watching – you guessed it, the Chiefs. Alison’s in her Chiefs pajamas yelling at refs. Me – I’m still a little confused about touchbacks. My funny valentine. I like the Chiefs – but I love her. 

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