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Assorted French pastries, an omelet bar, fresh tropical fruits, and several urns of specialty coffees. I suppose this is how a Boca Raton resort does a fancy outdoor breakfast buffet. The line moved slowly, I didn’t care, it was a beautiful morning, the sun was shining and I felt like I had arrived. I had heard about this event for years, and now I was attending as a full-fledged member. I had heard many of the industry’s biggest names were in attendance. I was just happily taking it all in.

In typical buffet fashion, I overloaded my plate – but it all looked so good. As I approached the end of the line I noticed the older gentleman in front of me was having difficulty pouring his coffee. His hands were shaking. Being raised right by my parents and then attending the “finishing school of the 12 Steps,” I offered to be of service. He handed me his saucer and cup and allowed me to pour his coffee, I then asked if I could take it to his table. He agreed and thanked me. As I delivered the coffee to his table, I was invited to join the group sitting there.

This was the most memorable breakfast I ever had. That sunny morning at the 1993 National Cartoonist Society convention, I had breakfast at the “grown-up’s” table. The simple act of kindness to Charles Schultz, creator of Peanuts, placed me among industry legends. Also at the table were Mel Lazarus (creator of Miss Peach and Momma), Bil Keane (creator of Family Circus), and Lynn Johnston, (creator of For Better or For Worse). What an amazing morning. Charles didn’t really say much about my newly syndicated comic strip, DAVE, but his wife, Jean, was very complimentary. I’ll take that!

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Dave Miller 

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