In Other Words with Dave

I was up in the attic over the weekend and peeking out from behind a few boxes I saw my mountain bike – covered in years of dust, sitting on flat tires. I guess dragging it up the rickety foldable attic stairs seemed like a good idea at the time.

Way back when I was really into riding, I had all the gear– clip-in pedals, full-suspension, skinny lycra shorts and of course all the bruises and dislocated shoulders that come with a hobby that punishes the occasional miscalculation. Now all that high-tech bicycle stuff is outdated – by decades.

Although I’d probably still fit into my lycra shorts (‘cause you know how lycra is), it’s safe to say at 60 years old, I’d rather not risk a tumble over the bars. The bicycle in the attic can only mean I’m not quite ready to let go of this identity, so it can stay up here with the other transitional items, like…

A box full of licensed apparel from my years as a syndicated cartoonist. I will never wear these T-shirts with my characters saying clever things about 90s pop culture. Yet, the shirts are pristine and still in their factory shipping bags.

About a dozen pairs of pants that I can’t wear anymore. I can fit in them, I’m just not “encouraged” to wear them. Alison calls them “outdoorsy pants.” Pants with too many reinforced zones, pockets and zippers. If I let these go, can I be rugged without them?

My little convertible in the garage. It’s sporty, but I’m not. At least not when I crawl in and out of it. Maybe I need a more age appropriate daily driver.

I’m Dave. I keep a mountain bike in my attic. But I’m working on it.

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