In Other Words with Dave

Alison’s Mission
Find an adult wiener dog.

The Hunt
Facebook follow every shelter in a 250 mile radius. Direct message those shelters.

Show me every online photo of a dachshund. Experience the excitement of a possible opportunity. Experience the sadness of that opportunity not working out. Repeat. Consider getting a cat.

The Lucky Break
An early Sunday morning text message alerts us that a scheduled adoption did not happen near Arkansas. We pack up the SUV and head east.

Love at First Sight
We take possession of a 3 year-old miniature dachshund. He’s short-haired, but with fluffy ears and feet. He sits in Alison’s lap most of the ride home. This could be love.

Getting to Know You
The dog with no name travels well. He meets our Aussie. They become friends. He explores the backyard. At bedtime he barks in his crate, we cave and he sleeps with us.

Mission Accomplished
We decide on a name… Redford. He’s a cuddler. He makes us happy. We take him to the Vibes event downtown and no one steps on him. So far so good.

Benefits of Ownership
Laughter (could there be a funnier shape for a dog?), endless cuddles, unconditional love, and he has trained Alison to put her shoes away – so Redford’s not perfect, almost though.

The sheer amount of joy that this little guy provides is disproportionate to his size. Re-homing, adopting or fostering an adult dog is a good thing.

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