In Other Words with Dave

Who says you can’t go back? Earlier this month Alison and I took a trip to the Big Apple… You know, New York City. Note to self: no one uses the term Big Apple anymore.

We were uptown, downtown, from Riverside Drive to the Brooklyn Bridge. Alison had never been to NYC. I’m sure I impressed her with my street skills and knowledge of all things New York. Don’t tell anyone, I’m a displaced Yankee. Born in NYC, raised in New Jersey. Oklahoman by marriage. Twice.

Things I learned from my trip to NYC:

  • New York is friendlier than I remember, but not as friendly as Oklahoma.
  • New York Bagels are amazing. That is all.
  • Traffic in Edmond may be annoying, but traffic in NYC brings you closer to God.
  • Clothing is apparently optional in Times Square, even on Sunday.
  • Pizza in NYC… pizza in Edmond… it’s a tie.
  • A bottle of water at Heard on Hurd is one third the cost of a bottle of water in NYC.
  • No place in Edmond smells like the New York Port Authority.
  • There’s nothing like a view from 100 stories high.
  • Edmond has more bronze statues per square mile than NYC.
  • You can pack smart and light, but there’s always room for Covid.

That’s right, we came back with Covid. We thought of it as an extended vacation – if you count laying on the couch binge-watching Ted Lasso a vacation.

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