In Other Words with Dave

Alison and I have 2 aging dogs. She has Mac, who is 13, half Havanese and half corn dog. And I have Bailey, 12. She’s mostly Australian Shepherd with some collie – I suspect. Mac stays home during the day. Bailey goes to work with us, she’s actually on the payroll as a Web Paw-ject Manager. She thinks everyone gets paid in Pup-peronis.

We’re a blended canine family – with aging dogs. Mac used to do these amazing feats of athleticism – well, actually just one. When we’d take walks, he would jump up on the curb and walk it like a balance beam for blocks. Sadly, in the last year, this athleticism has been replaced with face plants as he now trips over curbs because he’s mostly blind. His hearing is going too. We have to clap to get his attention. Mac still enjoys playing fetch – but only indoors and now it’s more of a “sniff out that darn stuffed animal” challenge. Happily, he still enjoys cuddle time on the couch, that is, when he can still launch himself onto the couch. Unassisted success is not often. The quality of life meter is now engaged.

Bailey has given up vigorously chasing rabbits and squirrels. To ward off these critters and re-establish our yard as her territory, she now breaks into a slight jog to protect us. Technically, this still checks the box labeled “must chase critters.” Sadly, the bright orange fur that outlines her face is fading and white whiskers are taking over. She doesn’t know. I’m not sure she’d care. She’s also become more vocal as she’s aged. She was always a quiet one – now she whines. Maybe her joints hurt.

These animals are doing what is natural for them. Slowing down and enjoying life. They aren’t thinking I need to do more. I’m so lazy. I need to keep busy. I have to keep up with the Golden Doodles. Dogs are smart like that.

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