In Other Words with Dave

Buy a building. It will be fun, they said. No, no one really said that.

A few years ago, after paying rent to the rent gods for nearly 20 years, I decided to buy a building for Back40 – it seemed like a solid bet. It was an exciting time. I found a nice one, of course, it had to be remodeled, We’re a design agency – we wanted a design-y space. The remodeling went well, the building came in on budget and on time.

There was a sense of pride and accomplishment on moving day. We had individual offices, 2 conference rooms, an eat-in kitchen, and a big Back40 logo up on the front of the building. We had it going on. We were an in-house team producing digital marketing for our clients. Then 3 months later, Covid happened. And we sent everyone home to work remotely. And it hasn’t been the same since.

So now I have a second address that I can get packages delivered to, a generous 3,000 square feet to keep all my work stuff, and spacious areas to grow office plants. Plus, I own 44 chairs (at last count). Over the last 2 years, we have had a couple of office dwellers return – but nearly everyone is on a remote or hybrid schedule. O