In Other Words With Dave

Remember “do-overs?” Those times when you were out on the playground playing kickball and you missed the kick – you call a do-over. Then you argue with the opposing team about the validity of said: “do-over.” Well, I’ve been out in the playground of love and marriage – I’ve been hearing about a do-over for a couple of years now. The do-over of our wedding pictures. No opposing argument here. 

A few years ago Alison and I tied the knot in Maui on MaKena Cove at sunset. It was a truly amazing afternoon and evening. But you wouldn’t know that from our wedding pics. From the photos, you’d assume that I was marrying one of two women, Alison or the lady officiating the wedding – she photobombed nearly every picture – especially the ones we liked. She was nice enough, and I’m sure what she performed was a legal ceremony, but could she have taken a step back? Maybe booked her own photo session after ours? 

So Alison and I are off to Maui, more specifically, MaKena Cove – again in a few weeks. Time to fit into our casual beachy wedding wardrobes and give it another try. And hopefully for a do-over done right. 

Dave Miller

Publisher & Back40 Design President

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