Great Sushi and Getting FITT

Mr. Sushi

Tucked away inside the Oak Brook Shopping Center, located on the northeast corner of 2nd and Santa Fe, is a refreshing escape from everyday restaurants and ordinary food. Mr. Sushi, owned and operated by Jameson Han, offers Nigiri sushi, sashimi, temaki and maki-rolls – all totally fresh and all totally excellent.

“I specialize in one thing; the freshest sushi possible,” Han says, “We don’t prepare a bunch of specialty kitchen foods. We focus on one thing, and that’s sushi.”

Mr. Sushi, with seating for about 15, provides diners with an intimate and cozy atmosphere. Orders are taken immediately and meals prepared quickly. Han says that many of the return customers are on a first name basis with his staff and that’s the way he likes it.

Han says first-time sushi diners come into his restaurant with loads of misunderstandings about the food. “Here is a misconception,” Han says, “Sushi is not raw fish or seafood. Actually, ‘sushi’ means rice mixed with vinegar. If you want raw fish, you’re not in the market for Sashimi.”

Popular items include the tiger roll, a seafood mix wrapped in seaweed; and fried tempura with spicy and wasabi mayo. Staff favorites include the spicy tuna, salmon and red snapper.

Mr. Sushi is also the only restaurant in town with bubble tea. A Taiwanese beverage, the unusual drink is made from tea, milk and added flavors such as passion fruit, strawberry and kiwi. And a tapioca ball at the bottom of the glass. It’s known as a dessert drink, but it’s truly enjoyable anytime.

Han’s entire family is in the restaurant business. His parents, uncles and cousins have or currently operate local restaurants. He fully understands the ins and outs of food service.

From yellowtail and seared tuna to tuna and salmon, your sushi is made fresh when you order it and is always available at affordable prices.

Open Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 11 am to 8:30 pm, and Tuesday and Thursday from 11 am to 2 pm and then again from 5 pm to 8:30 pm, Mr. Sushi is ready to serve you. They’re also open on Saturdays from 12 pm to 8:30 pm.

Log onto or call 285–7310 for menus or party tray availability.

Central FITT

Edmond’s finest fitness and nutrition center, Central FITT, distinguishes itself from its competition with the best personal fitness and nutrition training available. Central FITT is owned and operated by Michael Buzan, NSCA-CPT, a certified personal trainer, and his wife, Stacy Buzan, MS, RD/LD, a registered, professional dietician.

Central FITT, located at 2010 S. Broadway, distinguishes itself in other ways, as well. “It’s the one on one attention,” says Stacy, “We personalize all the training for our clients. There’s no one-size-fits-all and we understand the different issues people have with fitness and diet changes.”

Central FITT also engages their clients’ fitness goals in an unconventional fashion. “What we are going to do here is train you to get fit from the cellular level out and not necessarily from the outward appearance in,” says Michael, “It’s vitally important to understand that when you’re ready to begin this kind of life change, it has to be just that – a life change. It’s not just a diet. It’s you becoming the all-around healthy person you want to be.”

Michael’s not shy about informing clients that personal fitness isn’t an easy achievement. He cautions against diet fads and quick fixes. “Fitness isn’t found in a pill. The reality is extreme diets bring on short-term change and end up being unhealthy for you. Again, it’s all about a life style change.”

With thirteen years of experience under their belts, the Buzans have seen a lot of success with their clients. Those that meet their goals and maintain them enjoy a sense of pride and a boost in self-esteem. The Buzans share that sense of pride – especially when the lifestyle changes they teach stick with clients for the long run.

Goal setting is the first and most important part of the process of getting healthy. There’s another consideration that has to be made and that’s the idea of not only keeping in mind the fitness goals but also the individual, personal goals,” says Stacy, “If they don’t, people won’t find what they’re looking for and they’ll eventually give up.”

Don’t wait for New Year’s resolutions to make a healthy lifestyle change. Complete fitness care is only a phone call away. Contact the Buzans at 405-503-3758 to start a new, healthier life.

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