Great Sushi and Getting FITT

Mr. Sushi

Tucked away inside the Oak Brook Shopping Center, located on the northeast corner of 2nd and Santa Fe, is a refreshing escape from everyday restaurants and ordinary food. Mr. Sushi, owned and operated by Jameson Han, offers Nigiri sushi, sashimi, temaki and maki-rolls – all totally fresh and all totally excellent.

“I specialize in one thing; the freshest sushi possible,” Han says, “We don’t prepare a bunch of specialty kitchen foods. We focus on one thing, and that’s sushi.”

Mr. Sushi, with seating for about 15, provides diners with an intimate and cozy atmosphere. Orders are taken immediately and meals prepared quickly. Han says that many of the return customers are on a first name basis with his staff and that’s the way he likes it.

Han says first-time sushi diners come into his restaurant with loads of misunderstandings about the food. “Here is a misconception,” Han says, “Sushi is not raw fish or seafood. Actually, ‘sushi’ means rice mixed with vinegar. If you want raw fish, you’re not in the market for Sashimi.”

Popular items include the tiger roll, a seafood mix wrapped in seaweed; and fried tempura with spicy and wasabi mayo. Staff favorites include the spicy tuna, salmon and red snapper.

Mr. Sushi is also the only restaurant in town with bubble tea. A Taiwanese beverage, the unusual drink is made from tea, milk and added flavors such as passion fruit, strawberry and kiwi. And a tapioca ball at the bottom of the glass. It’s known as a dessert drink, but it’s truly enjoyable anytime.

Han’s entire family is in the restaurant business. His parent