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Workouts can help relieve stress, blow off steam, build confidence, provide relaxation, and the list goes on. Exercising can either be a dreaded part of the day, or the best part, it’s all about how people choose to view it. Being active provides mental, physical and psychological benefits, so it’s important to schedule a few times a week to get sweaty.

If someone finds an exercise style that they enjoy, it won’t even feel like a workout. Edmond and surrounding areas are full of exciting things to do to get the body moving.

Trampoline Boot Camp

Trampoline Boot Camp at Elevation TrampolineJumping on a trampoline can make any adult feel like a kid again. This workout is perfect for adults who need to throw their cares away.

“It adds a different element to exercise, using small stabilizing muscles that we often do not give enough attention to in a workout,” says Megan VinZant, a boot camp participant. “Having fun while continuing a fitness journey is what keeps me coming back!”

Elevation Trampoline Park partnered with OneHealthyBod to create a trampoline boot camp for adults 18 years old and up. For a workout that burns more than 500 calories every hour, this boot camp will get the body in tip top shape! This class may be high intensity, but it’s equally high fun. This class focuses on cardio and strength to create the best workout mix, and no equipment is needed.

Visit and for more information.

Ballroom Dancing

Ballroom dancing is a workout that combines music and passion. This form of exercise is enjoyable for people who love to feel the beat and take a mental break. Choreographed dancing keeps people focused and their worries are danced away in the form of the Waltz, Tango, Cha-Cha and more.

Some may be intimidated, but Dadbeh Jafari, dance instructor from Ballroom on Broadway, assures each new dancer that it’s fine to feel uncomfortable during the first few practices and encourages them to keep coming back.

Dancing is a great full body workout that incorporates many muscles of the body that are typically forgotten in traditional workouts. Jafari shares that in running, people are just moving one foot in front of the other, but in dancing they are moving muscles they didn’t even know they had.

To learn more, visit or stop by their location at 711 S. Broadway in Edmond.

Horseback Riding

Horseback riding is perfect for those looking to feel more grounded and experience nature. Many people think of horseback riding as more of a workout for the legs, however, it’s a total body workout. Horseback riding requires cardiovascular endurance, core strength and balance. Calories burned while riding largely depends on the type of riding that the person is doing.

“For the style of riding we teach; an average sized adult can expect to burn between 175 to 250 calories in thirty minutes,” said Katie Spencer, Cross Creek Stables lesson instructor.

If someone doesn’t have a horse, that’s not a problem. Cross Creek Stables teaches over 100 lessons a week to kids and adults who do not own their own horse.

Visit for more information.


Kayaking on the Oklahoma River - Photo by Georgia ReadKayaking is a fabulous workout that engages many muscles of the body. If you are tired of gyms, kayaking will be perfect to change up the scenery. Kayaking engages the core the entire time, and builds upper body strength. Participants won’t forget about their legs though; they are important to stabilize the boat. By the time a kayaker becomes more confident in their moves, it becomes a total body workout.

People interested in activities in the water can also look into other activities offered at the Oklahoma City Boathouse District. People can buy an all-access pass to kayak, paddleboard, zip line and more.

Learn about the Boathouse District at

Activity Anywhere

There are plenty of other activities that don’t cost anything and still scorch major calories.

Family bike rides can be a great way to spend quality time together, enjoy the outdoors, and have fun, all while getting the body moving! There are countless trails in Edmond that are perfect for bike riding. Some notable trails in the area include Hafer Park and Mitch Park. If Edmond residents don’t mind the drive, they can go a little farther to Lake Hefner or Lake Overholser.

Walking works wonders and can be fun with a good friend. Instead of talking on the phone this week, why not schedule a walk around a beautiful park?

Swimming is a great way to trick the mind into not feeling like a workout! Similar to jumping on a trampoline, people feel weightless when they are swimming. Many gyms and neighborhoods have pools, so people should explore the options surrounding them.

No matter what a person chooses, they must make it a habit. Having a habit of doing something active can be super important for those days when the to do list is a mile long. It’s important to take time for healthy activities and there will definitely be a recognized increase in energy levels.

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