Entrepreneurs Bring Mobile Gaming to Town 

Michael and Barbara King, general managers & owners 

Barbara King is a busy woman. By day, she leads multiple teams at her government job, applying her expertise in IT and leadership. But on the weekends, she’s a mobile gaming guru. It seems like a lot to balance, but the fourth-generation entrepreneur finds that such skills run in the family. 

“My great-grandparents owned and worked a farm, my grandparents owned the Oklahoma City restaurant, Alberta’s Tea Room, for thirty years, and my parents ran the Baskin Robbins over on Hefner and May for many years.” All the firsthand experience in family business taught Barbara two things. “I thought I would someday like to own my own business, and I knew it would not be in the food and restaurant industry.” 

But it wasn’t until she and her husband Michael attended a family reunion in California that the seed of a mobile gaming side hustle was planted. “They had rented a game truck to entertain the kids during the reunion,” Barbara explained. “My husband and I had never seen one before and had a great conversation with the owners.” 

When they returned home, the research began. They found that while Oklahoma had one or two mobile gaming options, the market was far from saturated. But they weren’t going to make the jump blindly. 

“We researched the idea for over a year,” Barbara said. “We talked to similar business owners, researched other mobile party options, made sure there would be a solid return on our investment, and finally we jumped.” 

Roymar Mobile Gaming has now operated for over a year, with fully booked weekends and an even busier schedule during the summer. Their custom-built van accommodates 28 gamers at one time – 20 seated in the luxurious interior, and 8 on the outdoor systems. 

From left: Davis Hawkins, Ellis Hawkins, and Game Coach Brayln Jones

On top of building a profitable business, Barbara and Michael enjoy it on a personal level. Their background in children’s ministry and natural charisma enable them to connect with the constant stream of energetic gamers they encounter. 

“I love to learn their names and interact with them,” Barbara said. “They have so much passion, like they are really living in the game. It keeps me young to hang around these kids, and there’s nothing like watching them point and run toward us when they see the van turn the corner. It brings us so much joy.” 

Among the many perks of choosing mobile gaming – minimal mess, engaging entertainment, and pure, unadulterated fun – is the teambuilding Barbara says she witnesses every time. “We teach them to work together. Everyone is included, and it gives them the chance to really play as a team.” 

And teamwork is something Barbara and Michael know all about. With over thirty years of marriage and now coworking, they say their roles are clearly defined, and crucial in all aspects of their life. 

“We stay out of each other’s lanes,” Barbara said. “He handles operations, makes sure everything is running smoothly, and I am in charge of administration, bookkeeping, and marketing.” 

Barbara encourages other entrepreneurs to pursue their ideas with one recurring recommendation: research, research, research. 

“The great thing about owning your own business is that you can set the strategy. And when you don’t reach your goals, it’s up to you to look at what went wrong and fix it. But the fact that I am in control of my business vision and destiny is so rewarding for me.” 

Learn more about Roymar Gaming at roymarmgt.com.

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