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Edmond History

In 1902, the City Council ordered that all sidewalks were to be built of brick, asphalt or flagstone.

Edmond began as a water and coaling station for steam engines when the Santa Fe Railroad built into Indian Territory in 1887. Edmond Burdick, the Santa Fe’s traveling freight agent, was the namesake of the railroad’s Edmond Station. The name was retained by the first settlers when the town was established on April 22, 1889.

The first Edmond Fire Company was organized in 1903 with John Sumner as the captain. Then in 1905, after two houses burned to the ground, the City Council issued an ordinance that every occupant of lots on Broadway was to keep a barrel of water and one peck of salt on hand in case of an emergency.
Information & photos supplied by: Jena Mottola of the Edmond Historical Society

The Police Unit

According to Glynda Chu, public information officer, the Edmond Police Department owns three police K-9’s, and 78 black and white police cars.


Is the amount of horsepower sold at BMW – Ducati of Oklahoma in the month of May

Iced Mocha

16 oz. cup of ice
1 oz. Torani chocolate sauce
shot of Java Dave’s espresso
chocolate milk
whipped cream
Take 16 oz. cup of ice, add chocolate sauce and Java Dave’s espresso. Fill the remaining glass with chocolate milk. Top with whipped cream.

Paws for Life

Paws for Life is a not-for-profit volunteer organization that works in conjunction with the City of Edmond Animal Shelter. The purpose is to assist the shelter with its priority to find all healthy and adoptable animals good homes.

Don’t Toot Your Own Horn

Edmond is responding to requests from citizens about the feasibility of quiet zones by including funds in next year’s budget for a study that would evaluate the options and costs. A quiet zone is a railroad grade crossing at which trains are prohibited from sounding their horns in order to decrease the noise level for nearby residential neighborhoods.

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