Dining Guide: Zarate’s

Zarate grew up in Peru and spent much of his childhood cooking with
his mother in their Peruvian kitchen.

Jorge has worked in many restaurants around the city and in all
positions, his favorite place to cook has always been in his home
kitchen with the recipes his mother taught him as a young boy. Nearly
all the Latin meals served at Zarate’s Latin Mexican Grill have
come from his home fare.

worked 10 years in the food industry and I paid close attention to
everything,” said Jorge. “I worked hard to learn the kitchen,
serving, managing and running of a restaurant. I knew my passion was
to cook and I would someday open my own restaurant.”

Zarate’s first opened its doors, their menu was entirely Mexican.
Through popular demand and a strong family desire to present their
true Latin culture and cuisine, Jorge added his favorite Peruvian
dish to the menu; the Lomo Saltado. As Latin lunches and dinners
become more popular, he continued to add unique dishes. The
restaurant now boasts 25 different Latin entrees.

most popular dish is still the Lomo Saltado with grilled steak,
onions, tomatoes, cilantro, Peruvian spices and yellow
peppers. It’s sautéed over an open flame with red wine and
served with white rice, sweet plantains and yucca fries. 

popular dishes include their Cuban pork chops, mango salsa tilapia,
Jamaican jerk chicken, Brazilian chicken and shrimp BBQ, Peruvian
ceviche and Honduran beef tamales.

are planning to add new dishes because of our customer’s requests,”
said Jorge. “Customers are always asking us to cook something from
their home town in Central or South America, or because they
went on vacation and ate something really delicious. We listen to
every customer and the menu will reflect that.”

also offers a rare variety of International soft drinks from Puerto
Rico, Peru, Brazil, Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras and more.

Edmond restaurant is a unique cultural experience and offers diverse
live music every Wednesday with specials, like $1.99 margaritas. They
also treat birthday guests to a free meal as a thank you to their
Edmond patrons for their support. Additionally, students and teachers
can take 10 percent off their meal with ID.

have met such nice people and in return we will do everything to keep
the best quality, service and delicious flavors of all the Latin
countries,” says Jorge.

Latin Mexican Grill proudly creates homemade flavors and prepares
their dishes from scratch. Stop in for lunch or dinner at 706 S.

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