DAVE: What I Learned in 2016

I can find the humor in almost everything. Even in a year of loss and grief, I’ve found reasons to smile. Here’s to 2016 and some stuff I learned…

  • Interesting facial hair doesn’t necessarily make you interesting
  • If you live alone, there’s no one to give you the Heimlich maneuver (scary moment)
  • People you love may die but you must go on
  • Friends can help you get through sad times. Thanks Kevin, Tim and Andrew
  • Turns out I like convertibles (so I bought one)
  • The only way to deal with mean people and keep your sanity is to heap love on them
  • People can and will flock to downtown Edmond. Thanks Heard on Hurd
  • I can play video poker and not become addicted to gambling
  • You are never too old for a PlayStation 4
  • It’s totally valid that I’m leery of people who use the word “hence”
  • Going on coffee dates in your 50s is really strange
  • I should have bought property on 5th street when I had the chance
  • I need help with my fashion choices (some pants CAN have too many pockets)
  • Less management is better management
  • Walking is an excellent form of meditation
  • It’s okay to spend more money than you should on experiences
  • Billy Joel, Bruce Springsteen and Elvis Costello are awesome in concert
  • I’m more of a touring motorcycle guy than a sportbike guy
  • I can go a year without eating bread
  • Mid-century furniture makes me happy
  • There’s enjoyable sushi eating experiences beyond California rolls
  • Not only can I keep plants alive, they actually thrive with regular watering (I once watered a plastic cactus for a year)

Dave's Toon for January

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