DAVE: Dudefest

Brian, Dave, Tim & John in ColoradoEvery year I manage to take one mancation. Yes, that’s right, just a trip away with the guys. For this year’s dudefest we’re off to Colorado for a week. Four guys, four very capable motorcycles, five days of riding and 1,200 miles of scenery.

The past several years, our annual tradition has taken us out to North Carolina to ride “The Dragon” at Deal’s Gap—318 curves in 11 miles. This year we’re taking more of a scenic (and chillier) Fall adventure in nearby Colorado, where riding temps will range from the 40s to the 70s.

I’ve done multiple Colorado trips with my wife, Sandy, (yes, she rides), but this is the first time through the Rockies with just the guys. This John, Tim, Brian and Dave trip is very different than a typical Sandy and Dave excursion… Let me count the ways:

  1. Restaurant choices are less complex. Organic salmon drizzled with some type of cream sauce served on a rectangular dish will probably not be on the menu.
  2. John doesn’t take 40 minutes to get ready for breakfast.
  3. Brian doesn’t ask me if his riding gear makes his butt look fat.
  4. I doubt we will go to one gift shop.
  5. Less frequent bathroom stops – or let’s say they aren’t as complicated. They have to meet less requirements for usage.
  6. We gas up our own motorcycles.
  7. I have to pack up my own stuff in the morning.
  8. I get zero back rubs.
  9. None of us takes a relaxing bath.
  10. King beds are not an option. We ride on for the double queen option.
  11. Less chatting through our bike-to-bike intercoms. Not once do I randomly check in with Tim, Brian or John on how they are feeling.
  12. Sandy never makes rhymes about Estes Park – or if she does, she never shares them.

      Mancations are great. Let me share one pro tip for planning… make sure the trip is long enough to deepen friendships, but short enough not to strain them.

      Oh, and some things that are the same:

  1. I am still the directions guy.
  2. I still get us lost.

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