DAVE: An end and a beginning

We all stood inside the very empty garage, which was attached to a very empty house. We did our best to have meaningful conversations, but the time for those conversations had passed. We were now waiting for a moment we knew would come. I didn’t have much to say as I stared at the back of a well-packed U-haul truck.

Sandy, Dave and AubreyThen the moment was here. Awkward turned into action. The big overhead door of the truck was latched and locked. Time for kisses, tears, hugs and goodbyes. And the big truck idled off down the street and out of sight. Sandy and I said goodbye to our little Aubrey that day.

Aubrey is our granddaughter and that day she moved off to Colorado with her mom, dad and little brother. Aubrey is very special to my wife and me. We helped raise her from infancy until a few years ago. This year she would have attended Central Middle School.

It’s quiet here on our first week without Aubrey. She didn’t get off the school bus. Have a snack. Play outside in the neighborhood. Or do her chores (actually she didn’t have any—hey, we’re grandparents). As Sandy and I peek in her room we feel a whole different type of goodbye.

As sad as we are sometimes, Sandy and I have to remember, this is a new beginning for Aubrey and her family. An adventure at a new school, new jobs for mom and dad, a new neighborhood and new friends. Most importantly—this is what Sandy and I always wanted for Aubrey—for her to have her own loving family. She’s gonna be just fine.

We already booked a flight to Colorado for fall break. 

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