Dating Done Right

Valentine’s Day is commonly recognized as a celebration of love and relationships. But for many, Valentine’s Day is nothing more than a yearly reminder of their single status. And for dating singles, Valentine’s Day can be a 24-hour blitz of mind games littered with encrypted code transmitted by the opposite sex. Singles need all the help they can get finding the perfect match. Oklahoma’s Singles Station Dating Company dishes out that extra help by personally matching singles with possible mates.

The Singles Station’s personal touch puts them light years ahead of impersonal Internet dating sites where users scroll through thousands of profiles and pictures hoping to discover the perfect match. The Singles Station puts all of its clients through a rigorous process to ensure that each match they make has a good chance of working out.

The process isn’t simple, but the hard work is worth it. It starts with a comprehensive form that allows the company’s matchmakers to detail a candidate’s personality in detail. After candidates interview with the company’s matchmakers, the matchmakers go to work. Hundreds of profiles are reviewed and couples are paired up by professionals-not by computer algorithms and formulas.

Stevie Fernandez, the marketing director of The Singles Station, notes that compatibility in personal habits, hobbies and religious beliefs are the most important things that matchmakers concentrate on. “If you’re an absolute non-smoker, there’s a high probability that you’re not going to be interested in going out with a smoker,” says Fernandez. “The same goes for a person’s hobbies and lifestyle. If someone would rather go to the movies or read a book, they probably won’t have a lot of compatibility with someone who lives for hiking and camping.”

Fernandez compares the company’s personalized matchmaking to meeting dates through friends. “It’s not unlike when you’re in high school and your friends say, ‘You’d like this girl because she’s funny and you both love basketball.’ At The Singles Station we want to befriend our clients so we can help them find their potential mate,” he says. There’s no plugging a person’s information into a computer and hoping for a happily-ever-after ending.

The Single’s Station’s help doesn’t stop when the match is made. Haven’t dated for awhile? Your matchmaker is ready with plenty of advice and tips for making sure that first date clicks. And they have a library of fun activities and local places to go where couples can get to know each other.

According to Fernandez, the most common reason people turn to dating services is a sense of disappointment with Internet dating services. Many candidates are also tired of having their hopes raised only to find out after a first meeting that they have nothing in common with their date. This is where the candidate’s personality profiling-and their matchmaker’s attention to detail-come into play. One or two things in common for a couple aren’t enough to build a relationship on. The Single’s Station looks for several points of contact between matches’ personalities.

Successful first dates are great, but Fernandez and his colleagues at The Singles Station know what the true mark of dating success is-all the great dates that come after the first. And those are the dates they work hard to make sure their clients get.

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