Darci’s Got Talent

Darci Lynne Farmer

Darci Lynne Farmer captured American hearts when she auditioned for the television show, America’s Got Talent. In just four minutes, she caused the audience to laugh, sigh, cheer and cry.


It’s hard to dazzle the show’s judges, but Darci’s singing and ventriloquism was so impressive that one judge, Mel B, was inspired to press the golden buzzer. As gold confetti showered the stage, it was announced that Darci had earned a coveted free pass. She would skip the next rounds of auditions and go straight to the live show, airing this fall.


For the shy 12-year-old from Deer Creek, just auditioning was an accomplishment—but keeping her win a secret for two months was even more of an accomplishment. The Farmers had to stay quiet from March until May, when America’s Got Talent finally released the audition. “It was extremely hard,” Darci said. “I told a few friends that I did well, but that’s all I could say.”


The night the episode aired, Darci gathered around the television with family, friends, and Petunia, her rabbit puppet.


Darci’s Debut

The audience enjoyed Darci’s short banter with her rabbit but they reacted with shock when the rabbit began to belt out the deep, soulful song, “Summertime.” Not only was it a surprise to hear such a mature voice from a young girl, but she was doing it without moving her mouth. “When Mel B hit the golden buzzer, my friends screamed and cried and bawled for half an hour,” Darci said. “That was the reward of keeping that secret.”


Darci’s three older brothers have all reacted to her new-found fame in various ways. There’s the bragger, the one who keeps her lovingly grounded, and the “social media dude” who tracks her fan following. Darci’s mom and dad are the ones who pray for her protection and happiness. “God gave Darci this gift and a desire to pursue it,” Misty said. “She’s a sweet person who wants to make people smile.”

Although Darci’s mom and her coach, Gary Owen, help her write her puppet scripts, Misty attributes the bulk of the performance to Darci, who’s only been a ventriloquist about three years. “It’s impressive how she can pick up a new puppet and instantly start talking with it. She knows the name, the personality, and which voice to use,” Misty said.


Darci has an array of puppets who act grumpy, sassy, shy, and even one that really yodels. Yes, Darci taught herself to yodel with her mouth closed.


She is already perfecting her act for the next season of America’s Got Talent. Of course, the details and puppet choice are a secret, but this summer, she will be traveling to Los Angeles for a dress rehearsal. Only time will tell how far Darci will go, but her focus is on getting through the next show. “I’ll be way more nervous since it’s the live show. It’s up to America to vote for me,” Darci said. “I hope they like me.”

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