Candied Charm: Reviving a 1933 Family Business

Handcrafted bon-bons, gourmet peppermint patties and peanut brittle perfection—Miranda Tracey makes them all. In fact, the fourth-generation candymaker was practically born for it. Her earliest memories are watching her great-grandfather work confectionary wonders in the candy shop he opened in Ada, Oklahoma in 1933.

“As a kid, I was there most days after school,” Miranda said. “I remember watching my great-grandfather work, then my grandfather, and my father who worked there over 27 years.”

In 2007, the Ada Candy Co. closed. It was a bittersweet end to a chapter, but not the close of the book. “In 2020, I started trying to replicate some of our old family recipes,” Miranda explained. “But in trying to adjust the big-batch recipes to fit my kitchen, they weren’t coming out exactly the same. I called my dad and we worked together until our famous family creations tasted just like the originals in the shop.”

Noticing her continued passion for the family business, Miranda’s husband gave her a sweet birthday gift: Ada Candy Co., LLC. “It meant so much to have him on board with this journey,” Miranda said. “We went all in and are now in our third year of business, expanding products and perfecting our 90-year recipes.”

Miranda’s father is reveling in the business’ rebound. “This journey has been a true blessing, and I am grateful for the time we have spent together. Cherishing every minute and every laugh, moments like these are truly precious.”

In its second wind, Ada Candy Co. has added custom lollipops, whipped peanut butters, and salted pecan brittle – a new twist on an old favorite. For Miranda, it’s just the start. “I want to see Ada Candy Co. continue to thrive and grow,” she said. “We hope to have a storefront someday, and I’d love to have live demonstrations so the public can see how all
the candy is made. It’s a fun process I’d love to share with people.”

Even down to the logo, Ada Candy Co. is a charming nod to nostalgia. “There is something very vintage about our recipes, our candies, and the overall vibe of the business. It’s something unique,” Miranda said.

Miranda said you’ll never find candies like theirs in a big-box store, but you can find them at the Edmond Farmers Market or at

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