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Pastor Clark FraileyFor Coffee Creek Church, Easter Sunday is the prelude to a service project that will provide 15,000 meals to hungry children. Community volunteers are invited to join the church in a giant assembly line to compile pre-packaged meals. Each food kit, which has a shelf life of two years, is filled with nutritious, vitamin-fortified soy-rice casserole, dehydrated vegetables and other food items. The event, called “Food Packaging Sunday,” falls the Sunday after Easter, April 12th.

“Easter isn’t just to remind us of an event in history,” said pastor Clark Frailey. “The message of resurrection should compel us to act. Jesus was restoring the world, and we want to impact the world. Our church’s mission is, “Love God, Do Good,” so we want to do good in our community.”

Coffee Creek partners with a US-based organization called Kids Against Hunger, a humanitarian food-aid organization whose goal is to feed starving children throughout the world. Food is sent to communities facing food scarcity, as well as to local and worldwide disaster sites, such as the Moore tornado.

Coffee Creek ChurchLast year was Coffee Creek’s first year to host Food Packaging Sunday, and the results were impressive. They raised enough money and volunteers to package 12,000 meals in two hours. This year, they have bigger goals and invite the community to sign up for volunteer shifts on their website. The service project will run between 8:30 and 12:30, breakfast provided, and will replace the morning’s regular service.

“We work with a branch of Kids Against Hunger out of Tulsa. They arrive in a large truck with all the supplies. We unload the truck, pack the food, vacuum seal the meals, and reload the truck,” Frailey said. “The group is amazing to work with. They are doing good across the world.”

One of Frailey’s favorite aspects of the service project is that children can participate. Everyone above nursery age can work in the assembly line, preparing meals to feed other children.

“We are a medium-sized church that is turning belief into action,” Frailey said. “We’re laid back, contemporary and casual, located right on the border between Edmond and Deer Creek. Our church is welcoming and seems to resonate well with folks who like the idea of doing good in the world.”

Coffee Creek Church. Fighting hunger 15,000 meals at a time. 

Learn more at Learn about Kids Against Hunger at  

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