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Oklahoma is poised to become the next running hot spot in the U.S., and Kyle McKinley can help local athletes go the distance. A champion athlete himself, he offers personalized coaching, 3D gait analysis, and more for runners of all skill levels.

Helping Runners Achieve Their Best

Until this year, Oklahoma athletes had to travel hundreds of miles to get a 3D gait analysis. But now it’s available locally at Scissortail Running. An electronic camera breaks down the motion of every joint, highlighting a runner’s strengths and weaknesses.

Kyle also emphasizes an overlooked area of training—nutrition. “Recovery is more important than the run itself,” he says, “and the two key factors of recovery are sleep and nutrition.” He works with athletes to create individualized plans that support their bodies without making them feel deprived.

All training is customized for each runner. “I try to make the training fit the athlete rather than making the athlete fit the training,” he says.

Full Speed Ahead

Oklahoma may seem like an unlikely spot for elite runners to train. But with proper safety precautions, running through our summer heat can actually offer a competitive boost. “There’s growing evidence that training in hot and humid conditions can be as effective as training at altitude,” says Kyle.

With the success of the Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon and our growing network of excellent trails, Oklahoma could become the next Boulder or Flagstaff. “We’ve got a big advantage in that we don’t have brutal winters,” says Kyle. He’s committed to being part of Oklahoma’s success, including fielding an elite-level team in the near future. “I would love to be a part of bringing more running culture to Oklahoma,” he says.

Contact Scissortail Running at or 405-823-7059.

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