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Disease, illness, pain and suffering seem to be all around us. An aging population has begun to seek out alternative means of health and healing.

In light of recent healthcare changes, many people are finding it’s advantageous to stay healthy, even through “unconventional” means.

“Not all medicine is in a pill,” says Dr. Mary Schrick, Full Circle Health Clinic owner. Full Circle is an integrated naturopathic and allopathic clinic. As an example, Schrick says allopathy is a biological approach to killing the virus and naturopathy restores the body’s function using natural remedies. Together, these measures ensure patients are as healthy as possible.

“Healing in innate; it’s in your body,” says Dr. Schrick. “Because we are made in the image of God, the body heals itself when toxins are removed and the right nutrients are assimilated.”

Although Full Circle Health Clinic cares for a long list of diseases, some of their primary concentrations are cancer, diabetes, hypertension, hormone imbalances, Hepatitis C and allergies. Their allergy testing is unique in that they test for 45,000 different allergens. “You’re not allergic to tomatoes; you’re allergic to something in the tomatoes,” said Schrick.

The clinic focuses on finding out what the body is missing, instead of numbing the symptoms. Dr. Schrick believes pain and discomfort exists for a reason and finding the root cause is her main objective.

“Symptoms are viewed as the language the body uses to signal for help,” says Schrick. “Symptoms should not be simply covered up, but are used to assess why they came forth.”

Dr. Schrick says her motto is “test, don’t guess.” A slogan put to good use by Full Circle’s extensive blood, saliva and urine tests. “If we can’t make measurable changes, you’re wasting your money.”

Some may consider alternative or natural healing as a last resort, but the truth is it should be a priority before other symptoms and problems arise, according to Full Circle Health Clinic’s philosophy.

Six days a week, Dr. Schrick hosts live interactive radio shows. Listeners can call in their questions to the radio broadcast Third Opinion on KTLR 94.1 FM and 890 AM Monday through Friday from 7 a.m. to 9 a.m., or on Saturdays from 6 a.m. to 9 a.m. on KOKC 1520 AM.

To schedule an appointment at Full Circle Health Clinic, call 753-9355.

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