Best Chicken Fry, Cutting-Edge Dentistry, and Home Cooking

Chuck House

Edmond’s Chuck House boasts the best chicken fry in the universe. The bragging began almost 30 years ago with the restaurant’s first location at 10th and Meridian in Oklahoma City. Owner Jay Thurber says the Chuck House, with a new location at 700 South Broadway, still maintains bragging rights. The new Edmond restaurant opened in 2008 as the original location celebrated its 30th anniversary.

The Chuck House uses only the best ingredients, buying locally to ensure freshness. “We try our best to buy locally,” says Thurber. “We’ve been doing this all along, purchasing locally rather than shipping food across the country. A small local meat company provides our meats. We’re their biggest client, so you know they’re pretty small.” Vegetables are also acquired close to home. Thurber firmly believes that a shorter supply chain makes for healthier food.

Family-owned and operated, the Chuck House employs Thurber’s entire family. His 70-year-old mother, Carolyn Thurber, holds the most important job at the restaurant-breading the chicken fry steak. Thurber’s father, Frank Thurber, runs the entire business while brothers Jeff and Lee Thurber run the Oklahoma City location.

Thurber began working at the original location at 13. He learned the ins and outs of the restaurant business, and after graduating from OSU he returned to the restaurant-this time to stay. One of the biggest challenges for the Thurber family is keeping business separate from family life. “In our family, we have to separate our professional and personal lives,” he says. “When we have family gatherings, we don’t talk about business. At work, all we talk about is business.”

While emphasizing that the hand-breaded chicken fry steak is their specialty, he warns against overlooking the sirloin burgers. Deserts include fresh cheesecake, as well as chocolate cream and lemon meringue pies. Or get yourself hooked on the freshly baked cobbler.

Thurber attributes the Chuck House’s long-term success to a focus on quality and consistency. If you visit on a Friday, you’ll find the same menu and tasty food you had on Monday. This determined focus plays into the Chuck House’s future business plans. “We’re looking to expand but not at the expense of quality or consistency,” he says.

Where else can an employee wear a t-shirt claiming “Home of the Best Chicken Fry in Edmond and the Universe” and be confident it’s the absolute truth? Find out for yourself-check out the Chuck House at 700 South Broadway in Edmond.

New Image Dentistry

Edmond dentist Miriam Nosrati works overtime to change the image of dentists-and the way they do business. Her innovative practice stresses caring and cutting-edge dentistry. Says Nosrati, “I do my best to make sure the patient is cared for well and I work hard to research and try new ideas.”

Nosrati attended the University of Oklahoma School of dentistry after moving to the state in 1996. After her residency at a VA hospital, she joined a group practice where she honed her skills. She opened her own practice, New Image Dentistry, in 2005.

“I chose dentistry because the first dentist I ever went to was a tall, beautiful, strong woman,” Nosrati says. “I’ve always chosen to go to female dentists because I think they’re gentler and willing to listen.”

Nosrati throws old-fashioned dentistry out the window and never stops learning. She regularly attends dentistry seminars around the country, learning about the latest breakthroughs that she can bring home to her patients. She’s frequently able to offer them at a reduced rate and with a guarantee. Open-minded and eager to try new things, she relentlessly pursues the newest technology, materials and techniques.

New Image Dentistry specializes in excellent dental health and beautifying smiles. Nosrati uses only the highest quality products-and it shows. Patients regularly leave her office with smiles looking better than the originals. An expert at cosmetic dentistry, she replaces missing teeth with implants or dentures, and fits patients with invisible braces. She whitens teeth and also offers help for chronic snoring.

Nosrati knows the world is full of patients that fear dentists. She caters to them. “My goal is to provide high quality, up-to-date treatment in a relaxing environment,” says Nosrati, “I don’t want patients to be scared, especially kids. We cater to those who are afraid and they get really good results. I love taking care of people. It drives me here every morning.”

Nosrati goes the extra mile to make sure her patients are comfortable before procedures. On top of that, she invests in anything and everything that makes her patients more relaxed, including technology that administers painless shots.

New Image Dentistry is located at 1900 15th St. Call 405-285-8880 for a free consultation or visit the web site at

Mom’s Family Bakery

Edmondites won’t mind making a trek to Guthrie, where home cooking never had it so good. Smack in the middle of historic Guthrie, Mom’s is open for a home-style meal. Bring your family, have a great meal and watch downtown from the large glass windows on the northeast corner of Division Street and Oklahoma Avenue.

With 30 years of experience, Vicki and Phil Northen opened Mom’s in July 2008. Reminiscent of old-fashioned bakeries-before packaged cookies-Mom’s bakes from scratch. All of the delicious baked goods come right out of the oven and not from a freezer. Bakery cases are loaded with delicious baked goods such as Vanilla Thumbprints, Pecan Nuggets and Oatmeal Fruit Cookies. The Old-Fashioned Iced Cookies come in a variety of shapes for every special occasion. An assortment of cakes, pies cheesecakes, scones, muffins and tea breads are available for special order.

Mom’s takes extra care to use the finest quality ingredients, such as real butter and fresh eggs. They do everything the hard way, even making their own pie crusts. No preservatives here.

The Northens’ recipes are family heirlooms. They make the same delicious potato soup that Vicki’s grandmother made. House specialties include Beef Tenderloin and Roasted Chicken Breast Sandwiches. Every day sees a different quiche prepared with real cream, fresh eggs and spices.

Vicki feels that in today’s busy world, people have gotten away from dining together, always eating on the run. She wants people to say, “Let’s go to Mom’s for lunch.” She loves to see families enjoying a meal together, seating around the dinner table and connecting after a busy day.

For the Northens, ambience is as important as good food. “We want your meal to be the highlight of your day,” says Vicki. Open 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday and to 4 p.m. on Saturdays, Mom’s is located at 122 East Oklahoma Avenue in Guthrie. Call 405-282-2900 or visit their web site at Special orders for showers, parties and other special events are always welcome.

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