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Neill Harmer, web designer, celebrated a birthday November 29th. Back40 Design acknowledges this milestone by immortalizing him in a cartoon portrait and turning on the heat in his office for 30 minutes.

Dave Miller, CEO, is slowly but surely learning to enter addresses into his Blackberry telephone “thing.” Progress has been slowed by his reluctance to read instructions or ask for help. Neill bets that the next cool phone will come out before Dave learns how to use this one.

Rhonda Dennis, official Back40 Christmas Elf and web designer, has successfully brightened the office with Holiday cheer and a mesmerizing rotating tree. Rhonda also braved the holiday masses on “Black Friday.” She says she found tons of bargains and admits to knocking over one person in Dillards.

First Edmond office all-nighter award goes to Sandy Miller, CFO, for a November invoicing marathon frenzy. It was quiet and she got a lot of work done. Plus, she had a little help from Starbucks.

Peyton Stovall, project manager and puppy vendor, has expanded her offerings to include pit bull puppies. The English Sheep Dog puppies are going fast and Peyton plans to offer other breeds as space allows. Crossing the two breeds is out of the question, explains Peyton; “I don’t see much demand for a cute fluffy dog that could bite your face off.”

To more accurately track billing on his projects, Chris Logan, web programmer, has now added a project task category for complaining. Chris explains, “It’s important that I track how much complaining I do on projects. It’s not billable, but from what I understand, it’s highly entertaining for the rest of the company.”

Matt Ledford, web programmer, could not have charted a more direct course from Edmond to his home in Shawnee. Matt’s route takes him East on Memorial (4 lanes to 2 lanes), down a county road, over an old wooden one-way bridge, then onto a dirt road, through a goat farm and finally his route short-cuts through a family’s unfinished living room. “If they ever finish their living room, I may have to get a pike pass,” Matt says.

Donna Walker, Edmond Outlook salesperson, has been very busy selling advertising, but takes a few minutes now and then to continue her series of scientific tests on company equipment. After repeatedly testing the effects of gravity on Back40 digital camera equipment (smashing the camera against the ground), Donna concluded Olympus cameras are well-built and Dave is very forgiving.

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