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"This thing isn't for grown-ups," was the warning Peyton Stovall, print project manager, got as she prepared to launch herself down the corkscrew slide at the new Omniplex exhibit, Gadget Trees. "The little boy before me was right," explains Peyton. "I should have listened. I wrenched my knee and almost missed the half marathon."

Jaimi "The Wedding Planner" Aycock, graphic designer, is taking a few days off for her wedding. Well, it's not really her wedding – but you'd think it is with all the excitement, late nights at the office and graphic design assignments she's created for it. "I designed the invitations, the reception decor, and the programs." Back40 Design wishes the bride and groom the best, and we hope that in some small way (a magenta printer cartridge, a cyan printer cartridge, unlimited use of an office PC and our Adobe creative software suite) we have helped make this a memorable day for both of you.

The Back40 Design publications division welcomes Teddy Burch as our new managing editor of the Edmond Outlook and the Shawnee Outlook. Teddy joins us after managing the UCO's Vista publication for nearly two years. Teddy will be editing, writing and taking photos for features. You know what they call an e-mail from Teddy? A Teddy Gram. If you read this super corny joke, Teddy's editing skills may need a little work.

After a few months, we are finally getting a bead on our newest graphic designer's quirks. Lathen Kamas is generally quiet, but when he speaks, it's usually for a purpose. The rest of the web department could learn from this young man. Also of note, Lathen has a "two orange a day" habit. Upon arriving at the office, Lathen places two oranges on his desk next to his iMac. They look like a pair of big, bug eyes. And when deftly accented with a sharpie marker, these navel delights seem to stare at you no matter where you are in the web department.

Dave and Sandy Miller, CEO and CFO, got away for a few days on their anniversary. They headed off to a cabin in Oden, Arkansas to enjoy a little seclusion and some of the best mountain biking trails in the country, namely the Womble Trail. "It was great. I fell hard twice in the first fifteen minutes," said Sandy. "Now I'm covered in bruises. I think Dave got a mosquito bite." Dave explains, "In Sandy's defense, she was riding a new bike. I bought her a dual suspension bike, lightweight, the whole deal-it cost like three times what I paid for my bike. I'm just glad her body was there to break the fall for the bike."




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