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Grove Elementary
“My Kindergarten teacher was real nice, and she taught me how to count by 2’s & 5’s & 10’s.


My Small Wonders

“I hope that you have a lot of fun I think that you will have the funnest time in your life.”


Primrose School

“Don’t be rude to the teachers and be good listeners.”


Primrose School

“School is great and beautiful with fun days and a great time.”


Primrose School

“Do a great job so you’ll do Math good.”


Cross Timbers

If you are at school and a big storm comes don’t be afraid because you will be safe in your Kindergarten class.”



“My Kindergarten teacher was real nice, but you need to remember to shut the door when you come into the room.”


Russell Dougherty

“In Kindergarten you should say yes Ma’am to your teacher and if it’s a boy say sir.”


My Small Wonders

“Don’t be hateful to other people.”


My Small Wonders

“When you first start school, you’ll have to get used to new teachers, new classmates, and doing worksheets. But, whenever it’s time to go home, sometimes you don’t want to leave. The #1 rule is to have fun.”


Russell Dougherty

“Don’t run in the halls and make sure your desk is clean when you are in first grade.”


Prairie Vale

“Get a lot of sleep because school days are looooong! Try your best, and have a “happy” teacher like I did.”


Prairie Vale

“Don’t be scared, it will be so much fun. You’ll read lots of books, learn how to add and subtract, and lots of other stuff. Your teacher will be very nice.”

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