Attic Conversions

When James Howell renovated his own attic in 2001, he wasn’t starting a business, he was finding a solution. Rather than relocating, building on, or suffering for lack of space, James made the most of his existing attic space, creating a fully built-out extension of his house where his family and friends could feel at home. 

As James’ projects increased, so did word of mouth telling of James’ reputation for high-quality work. So, he made the business official. Attic Conversions has now helped over 150 families heighten their homes’ function and value.

“So often, people are needing more room for their family but can’t afford to buy or build in today’s economy,” James said. “I love being able to give homeowners what they need without the pain and cost of totally relocating.”

James helps his clients add to their square footage, and subtract from the stresses that come with needing more space. In today’s housing market, Attic Conversions saves homeowners the headache of selling, buying, or building on by allowing them to better use the space they already have. And if the time does come to sell, James enjoys knowing the completed attic has added tremendous value to the home, leaving each one more valuable than when the project began. 

James’ experience in the industry enables him to advocate for his customers, connecting them with the best options in financing, function and finishes. “We work closely with our customers to find the best financing options for them,” James said. “We’ve recently begun partnering with RenoFi to connect our customers with loans using After Renovation Value, rather than their home’s current value. There’s a lot of different solutions we can help people find.”

More information, completed projects and free consultations are available at

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