Ask Edmond: What’s the funniest thing a student has ever said?

Katherine Giles
Certified Pre K Teacher
Charles Haskell Elementary

Student: Miss Giles, what happened to your face?
Ms. Giles: I did not wear makeup today. My allergies are bothering me.
Student: Oh, you should put some of that on!

Katherine Giles

Heidi Walter
Gifted and Talented Teacher
John Ross Elementary

One day, I was using an air freshener, and a student came into the room, sniffed the air and declared, “It smells like roses and cheap perfume in here.”

Heidi Walter

Katy McFadden
Frontier Elementary
Gifted and Talented

While I was being observed, a student decided to impersonate Forest Gump and loudly proclaimed, “Welp, stupid is as stupid does!” in response to the question I had asked.

Katy McFadden

Lamonica Gruen
Kindergarten Teacher
Russell Dougherty Elementary

Student: Mrs. Gruen…This didn’t happen on purpose, but because I got frosting on my pencil, I HAD TO lick it…so it wouldn’t get sticky.
Mrs. Gruen: We should really wash it off then.
Student: Hmm, I wonder which one it was…

Lamonica Gruen

Eric Dabney, M.Ed.
School Librarian
Orvis Risner Elementary School

I bought a book for our library and couldn’t wait to read it with the kids. I’d enjoyed it as a child and was telling them all about it, admiring the illustrations, etc. Finally, a little girl said, “Just read the book.”

Eric Dabney, M.Ed.

Suzy Foster
Library Media Specialist
Clegern Elementary

My kindergarten library lesson reinforced a lesson about pilgrims. I asked who remembered the name for these settlers – no answers. I prompted, “It starts with a ‘P’ sound:, puh.” A hand shot into the air and an excited voice exclaimed, “Paleontologists!”

Suzy Foster

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