Ask Edmond - May 2020

Written in the May 2020 Issue

Brittany Willison

Director of Communications and Marketing
Edmond Area Chamber of Commerce

I’ve had a box full of old Edmond newspaper clippings and publications from the eighties. I put them in empty frames I had and hung them in our guest room. They make me happy every time I walk by! 

Juan Jimenez

Security Guard
The Fountains at Canterbury

My grill! We’ve been smoking roasts and brisket and grilling lamb chops. Lots of AA meetings on Zoom and lots of TV. I try not to take things too seriously and have a sense of humor. Be safe and God bless. 

Noelle Perry

Operations Coordinator Native Doodles

We bought a turntable and opened boxes of records that had been stored away for decades. We have been dancing and singing our way through the “Safer at Home” experience and revisiting some great memories. So much fun! 

Lori L. Engel, SPHR

Ultimate Human Resources

I have continued my love of “adult coloring” on canvas; made some meals and shared with friends, and purchased way more plants and flowers than needed, but love the serenity of my little piece of the world!

Avery Schick

Oklahoma State University

Something that has made my time
at home more enjoyable is the new addition to our family, Miss Mazie! Our two-month-old chocolate lab is always keeping us on our toes! never a dull moment watching her grow up and get her little personality.

Jim Quade

Business Development Manager Kerr 3 Architects and Red Sky Constructors

I bought 50 bags of mulch and shrub bed edging. Being able to work outdoors and still keep up with various yard projects has been great. 


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