Armstrong Auditorium

Experience the splendor of ancient Israel through Armstrong Auditorium’s new exhibit, Kingdom of David and Solomon Discovered. The world premiere exhibit showcases almost fifty artifacts from the tenth century BC, in an immersive display for the whole family to enjoy.

Bringing Biblical History to Life

“As far as Biblical history goes there are no greater figures than Kings David and Solomon,” says director Brad Macdonald. The exhibit features authentic artifacts from the era of these kings, including pottery, textiles, iron, and steel. One centerpiece is an inscription demonstrating that trade took place between Israel and modern Saudi Arabia, where the biblical Queen of Sheba resided.

“We have tangible proof that the biblical text is accurate,” says Brad. “We have much more tangible evidence than most people are aware of.” 

An Immersive Experience for the Whole Family

The exhibit includes a 3-D model of Jerusalem and a replica of King Solomon’s palace. There’s a virtual reality section where you can tour Jerusalem as it is today. “It brings the history of David and Solomon alive,” says Brad, “and will show that the Bible is more than ink on a page. It’s living history!”

Brad and his team worked for months to create the majestic setting of the exhibit. Along with a core crew of seven or eight people, the effort involved families, children, and students at Herbert W. Armstrong College. The goal is to recreate the grandeur of the kings’ reigns, bringing it to life for attendees. 

The exhibit is free and open to the public. “It’ll be like walking through the Bible,” says Brad. “I think people will love it.”

Armstrong Auditorium is located at 14400 S. Bryant Ave, Edmond. The exhibit will run through January 17, 2025, and is open every day except Saturday. To learn more, contact them at (405) 285-1010 or visit

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