All Care Pet Hospital / The Visiting Vet

All Care Pet Hospital / The Visiting Vet

Dr. David Newsome cares for many of Edmond’s cats and dogs, he even has a cat on his staff, Mike Rowe. Mike Rowe is a former stray off Broadway and is the public relations specialist at All Care Pet Hospital. Named after the host of the Dirty Jobs TV series, Mike Rowe greets patients and helps supervise the human staff. It’s a role nobody imagined when Dr. Newsome rescued him on a freezing winter day. “It took about six weeks for him to trust us, he was so wild,” Dr. Newsome recalls. “Now he has no fear of dogs, cats, or people.” 

Dr. Newsome wants his clients to achieve the same kind of success with their own pets. Along with providing medical care, he counsels owners on how to keep their furry friends healthy and happy. He’s especially passionate about the health and care of puppies and kittens. From the youthful spring in a puppies step, to the elderly waddle of a senior dog, Dr. Newsome offers appropriate medical care for the needs of all ages. “As we age, our pets are going through the same changes,” he says. “I ask what we can do to give them a better life?”

One unique aspect of Dr. Newsome’s practice is his house-call service. At first he was strictly a visiting vet. He opened his clinic in the early 1990s, however he still visits patients whose owners can’t make it to the office. There’s always a veterinarian available at the clinic—either Dr. Newsome or his associate, Dr. Heather Cobb.

During his 37 years as an Edmond veterinarian, Dr. Newsome has cared for thousands of animals. Some of his most unforgettable patients were dogs working at the Murrah bombing site, who needed care for cut feet and heat stroke. Dr. Newsome was the first veterinarian on the scene. Two dozen others joined him later. “At one point we had a full- fledged hospital,” he says.

Dr. Newsome’s practice includes modern technology like digital x-rays and photon therapy. 

But he’s quick to remind clients that good pet care begins at home. During winter, he urges pet owners to serve extra food, make sure water bowls don’t freeze, and provide a warm bed for all pets.

Dr. Newsome is now working with the children and grandchildren of some of his original clients, and he looks forward to caring for their pets in the future. “You’re always going to see the same face and the same staff,” he says. “We get to know our patients very well. It builds a rapport that can’t be beat.”

All Care Pet Hospital/Visiting Vet is open Monday-Friday, 8:00 a.m.-6:00 p.m.
Call (405) 341-0000 or find them online at 

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