A Conversation with Mr. & Mrs. Claus

Despite a busy schedule, the jolly Clauses found a moment to chat after the Luminance kick-off at Mitch Park. They shared their insight into the year’s most popular gifts, Santa’s favorite cookies, and the magic of Christmas.

So, what are the popular gift requests this year?

Santa: Coal, of course! Ho Ho Ho!
Mrs. Claus: Now Santa, talk about the toys…
Santa: Oh, yes. Hot Wheels and Barbie dream homes are as popular as ever, but also a lot of electronics. Children want the Nintendo Switch and the new iPhone 92.
Mrs. Claus: That’s iPhone 15.
Santa: Yes, well, I’m a toy maker, not an electronics manufacturer. Luckily, Mrs. Claus made a good arrangement with Amazon to order the electronics. Adults, don’t forget that I require a handwritten letter from the parents, because a child can’t enter into a contract to pay for internet or phone service.
Mrs. Claus: Santa, remember how you sometimes get requests for impossible gifts?
Santa: I do. Things like, “Please make my parents get back together,” or “Make my sick sister well.” Those are tough requests. I never make promises I can’t keep, because I can’t control other people’s choices or finances. But if a child ever asks for food, I always let someone know, like a school principal, who can help with resources.

How do you manage to deliver so many presents?

Santa: The population has gotten so big that I rely on the larger Claus community to help me. I even have cousins who visit malls to get children’s gift requests. Mrs. Claus has the biggest job, though, because she manages the naughty or nice list and all the elves.
Mrs. Claus: Don’t forget all the baking.
Santa: Oh, Mrs. C knows how much I love trying new cookies. Chips Ahoy don’t cut it anymore. When I get home after Christmas, Mrs. Claus gives me a nice, warm cup of cocoa and homemade cookies.
Mrs. Claus: But he never makes it to the second cookie before he snuggles up for a long winter’s nap.

How did Mrs. Claus and you meet?

Santa: She was a gift wrapper in a department store when I met her. We kept in touch by writing letters. Now, we’ve been married for about 300 years.
Mrs. Claus: You chased me a little bit! Remember those sleigh rides in the moonlight?
Santa: I remember. That was before we took on the challenge of taking care of children around the world. Now, we only have downtime in the summer.
Mrs. Claus: Summertime is when you enjoy golf. Remember the custom knickers and paperboy hat you wore to the golf tournament last year?
Santa: It is nice to wear different clothes. Hundreds of years ago, I wore a robe and corded belt, in the St. Nicholas tradition. Americans changed that about 100 years ago when Coca-Cola drew me wearing a red suit and hat.
Mrs. Claus: Red is expected, but I wear my blue Christmas dress to Thunder games.
Santa: You see, Mrs. C and I can have style! I’ve recently started custom-designing suits in modern colors. It’s nearly 2024 , after all.

What’s your favorite part about being Santa?

Santa: I think Mrs. C would agree that the thing we love most about Christmas is seeing the smiles on children’s faces.
Mrs. Claus: I agree. It’s magical.
Santa: Magical and rewarding.

The Clauses, Unwrapped
Mrs. Clause is a trained actor and Santa has been to nine Santa Claus Universities. He says, “It’s not the suit and beard. You’ve gotta have the Santa heart.” The two have worked together for so many years that everyone assumes they are really married, but they’re not. “We are both married to other people,” said Santa. “Sometimes my wife comes along as Sugarplum Mary, my lead elf.” All agree that it’s a time-honored career to keep the Christmas gift-giving tradition alive.

To learn more or book a Santa appearance, visit santascottok.com.

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